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Hello and welcome to Emmy's Deals. My name is Julie and I'm a single mom of two amazing kids. I have been blogging for the past eight years. I also work full time as an ABA Tech. I love working with children and being a mom. I have son who is 12 years old who loves music. I also have a daughter who is 9 years old and she loves helping with reviews. 

We're a family friendly website that likes to bring you amazing promotions.  We enjoy reviewing products, listing contest, deals and sponsored posts. 

We love promoting all types of products on our such as toys, kids products, handbags, health and beauty, kitchen gadgets, appliances, baking, food products home products,  and if I have not mentioned the product your are considering we are open to working something out. 

Emmy's Deals never charges a fee to review a product on our blog. When reviewing a product on our blog we do ask the product or product worth fifty dollars. On occasion we do have exceptions. When reviewing products we do not return products that are sent for review. Items/services shall be supplied by company and no cost to Emmy's Deals and shipping feels also should be covered by company. If their is a giveaway the company will be responsible to ship to winner unless discussed. 

Once a review is written on Emmy's Deals, it will remain on our site and not be deleted. Once a review is written I am willing to provide you a link to the review  if requested once it been completed. If you would like me to add social media to the review please request it before hand. My goal is to complete review 4-6 weeks of receiving the product. There are times where it could take longer, but that usually is not the case. If the product is damaged, sample size, or unsatisfactory I will not review it and will contact you and let you know. 

Emmy's Deals also considers publishing sponsored posts, sponsored giveaways and running ads on our blog. If you are interested in one of these options feel free to contact me and we can discuss further.

Emmy's Deals email is


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