Monday, November 1, 2021

Tickled Pet Treats

The holidays are fast approaching and it's time to think about what gifts we are giving over the holidays. My daughter reminded me that we have to add our dogs Penny and Lucy to the list. Shopping for them is always easy and hard at the same time. I know they love getting dog treats in their stocking, but what kind and brand can be challenging at times. This year I would recommend checking out Tickled Pets. Our dogs where able to try several of their treats and I would say that they love their treats. The first time I gave them one of their treats Lucy would not leave me alone. She has been pacing and sniffing and trying to find more. I have never seen my dog go in circles and sniffing to find more. I say she approves.
Natural Beef Crisps Dog Training Treats – Slow Roasted in the USA – Bite Sized - TickledPet

Ticked pets sent us four different treats to try with Lucy and Penny. The first treat is their Beef Crisps. This one is a favorite with both Lucy and Penny. Penny gravitates more to beef treats. This bag comes in a 8oz bag with bite size pieces. On the package it says the size pieces range from .5-1" and they are random cut from the beef lung. They are crisp and high in protein. In this treat there are no preservatives. This treat is all natural beef lung tips. 
Icelandic Capelin Dog Treats - TickledPet

The second treat that Penny and Lucy received was their Whole Capelin Dog treats. My dad gives them this treat. This treat looks like a whole fish and that is why I have him give this to the dogs. Lucy prefers this treat more than Lucy does. This is a natural source of Taurine and it's important for pets heart and brain. This is also packed full of Omega3 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and a shiny coat 100% sustainably fished human grade dog treats. This bag has 3 oz of 100% digestible Capelin treats. This is also perfect for dogs with protein sensitivities.

The last treat that received was Icelandic Cod Dental Dog Treats. This is a high protein dog chew that is made with only dehydrated wild caught Icelandic cod and loaded with Collagen and Omega'3s. When your dog is gnawing on these long lasting dental chews it can help clean their teeth and support healthy gums. Don't sorry these dental chews meet FDA standards and use the label human grade. This is all natural healthy treat. You will not find Andy by products, preservatives or fillers and 100% sustainably fished.

I would highly recommend these treats for the holidays for your pets. I know that Lucy and Penny both agree. When they have one treat they want more. After trying these treats for the first time they begged me for another one for an hour. I would definitely say that my dogs love these treats. I also like that these treats are made and packaged in the USA. That is highly important to me. I would recommend checking out Tickled Pet at the link below.

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