Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Are you planning to spend a lot of time out in the sun this summer? Than I may have a product for you. I know when it comes to summer if I'm out on the trail or at the beach, there are times I forget to re-apply my sunscreen. I know that I have to remember to re-apply mine as well as my children sunscreen. SPOTMYUV offers a product that will help prompt you to remember to apply. 

This is a very clever idea and can be a great reminder for your children and yourself. Each time you cover your SPOTMYUV sticker with sunscreen, your spot will turn clear, showing you that you're protected from the sun. Over time when your sunscreen starts to wear off, SPOTMYUV will turn purple. This is a reminder that you need to reapply your sunscreen. Which is a pretty neat concept.

How long does this circle last? Each circle will last one day. It will last 12 hours outside in the sun. This product is dermatologist and pediatrician tested. If you have sensitive skin you can wear this. It hypoallergenic adhesive and latex free. Also this can get wet and can stay applied while you're swimming. This will work will all types of sunscreen. This is really easy to use and a must have when you're out in the sun. You can find this product at the link below.

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