Sunday, April 11, 2021

Mother's Day First Ascent Coffee

One gift that you can't go wrong this Mother's Day is coffee. I know a lot of moms out there need that cup a Joe to get them throughout the day. Finding great coffee can be difficult at times. When I was able to try First Ascent coffee I was impressed. I know a lot of moms out there will want to try their coffee.

What I like about First Ascent coffee is that they offer whole bean and instant coffee. Which gives you options in the morning. If you have time you can brew a pot or if your on the go you can use the instant coffee pack. It depends what you have planned for that day.

The first coffee that we took a look at was Ethiopia Natural. The elevation where you will find this bean will be 1995 meters. The Process of the bean is a slow dry natural process. The tasting notes from this blend are Raspberry Compote, Port Wine, Jasmine. The roast level is light. When you taste the blend of coffee you will be amazed. Where they grow the blend it's the ideal place and a great outcome. What is a unique fact is that the pick the ripe cherries and hand sort them. The best cherries that are taken to rise beds tow here they will dry in the sun for 21 days.

The next option that they offer is an instant coffee. They offer a sample pack which is nice. I like when they offer a sample pack, it gives you the opportunity to try the different blends. Thank you can choose which ones that you like. 

We were able to take a look at Hero Day Handcrafted Medium Roast Single-Serve Instant Coffee, that comes with 8 packets. What is nice about these hand crafted single serve specialty instant coffee packets that they are great for on the go. They taste amazing. I would highly recommend these instant packets. They taste better than the ones you find at the store. If you are looking for a good blend of coffee. I would recommend checking them out at the link below.

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