Friday, February 19, 2021

Wild in Africa

Big 5 Stack - African Bracelets - Wild In Africa
When I was introduced to a company called Wild in Africa. I was impressed with the back story of how this company came to be. The creator of Wild in Life took a trip over in Africa. She was taking photographs and she has been ill for quite awhile. She passed out in a path where lions would frequent. When they found her they took her to the hospital. She has a long journey ahead of her. While she was recovering she redesigned her bracelets and then started selling them on Etsy. Now she has groan her business and here she is Wild in Africa. 

She has a variety of beautiful different bracelets that are featured on her website. We were able to take a look at a set of 5 set. The bracelets that we received represent five different animals. The bracelets are handmade and made with lots of love. The beads that she uses to make these bracelets are 6mm beads on elastic thread. 

The first bracelet that we took a look at was their African Elephant. This African bracelet was made of azurite and brass. The Azurite Is a soft deep blue copper mineral and produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. This has a powerful effect at the third eye chakra also aids you to develop your intuition.

The next bracelet that was in the set was the rhinoceros. This has brown Snowflake Jasper and Hematite. These Beas are a deep chocolate brown blend that has grey and Carmel swirls. This creates a unique and beautiful pattern that you will notice in each bead. This bead stands for grounding and balance and promotes strengthens the connection with nature. It will hope with focus and clarity.  The Hematite is a colored black to steel and can look silvery gray, brown to reddish brown. What is neat that this stone is mined from the main ore in iron. This bead helps to absorb negative energy and helps reduce stress. 

The next bracelet is their African Lion bracelet that represents the Tiger's Eye and has brass. This bracelet is a an metamorphic rock with a golden to red brow color. This has a beautiful silky luster to it. When you look at this bracelet you will notice the tiger eye rock is also known chatoyant gemstone. The Tiger's Eye is believe to aid in promoting harmony and balance. 

The next bracelet that we checked out was their African Leopard. This contains Leopardskin Jasper and Ethiopian Brass. In this bracelet this has an orbicular and has a trigonal crystal system. The colors range from orange to green. They have glassy inclusion and leopard like banding. This is considered a protection stone. 

The last bracelet that we took a look at was there Cape buffalo Indonesian and Lava and Brass. This is also known as there lava stone. You may here it called Bassalt or Lava rock. This is formed when lava erupted from a volcano that has solidified from molten lava. This rock is known for calming emotions.

If you are looking for beautiful jewelry that looks amazing, I would recommend taking a peek at Wild in Africa website. They have a variety of different bracelets that have meaning behind them. If you want to find more information or take a peek check the link out below.

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