Monday, August 3, 2020


When it comes to oral care it's very important to understand how to take care of your teeth properly. I know when I'm going to the grocery store and I stand in front of the toothpaste isle I freeze. When I look at all the options I just get confused and I don't understand what the benefits of all these toothpaste are. Recently I have been looking at a different option and that is a natural toothpaste. SprinJene is one of the top leaders in the Natural Toothpaste world. I was excited to be able to try their products to see what their toothpaste was all about.

Original Fresh Boost Toothpaste - SprinjeneThey offer a variety of toothpaste options on their website for adults and children. The first toothpaste that we took a look at was their Original Fresh Boost Toothpaste. This toothpaste will leave your mouth with a fresh feeling breath. This toothpaste features as a patented formula with zinc and black seed oil. These ingredients in this toothpaste may help provide relief from dry mouth, help to control the growth of tartar, deliver long lasting oral freshness, fight gingivitis, and lastly may reduce gum inflammations. 

The next toothpaste that we took a look at was their SprinJene Natural Cavity Protection. This toothpaste is Adult Cavity Protection Toothpaste and it taste decent. I was nervous about the taste because sometimes personally I can't handle the taste. This has a great taste to it. It has natural flavors like mint and clove. This toothpaste feature a patented formula with zinc and black seed oil. These ingredients may help dry mouth, help control growth tartar, long lasting oral freshness, fight  gum disease and may reduce gum inflammation.

The last toothpaste that we took a look at was their children's toothpaste. We were able to try their Children's SprinJene Natural Apple Mint Toothpaste with Cavity Protection. My daughter loves this toothpaste. She said she love the apple mint. This helps your children want to brush their teeth. I find that the flavor makes or breaks it with my kiddos. This has great ingreidents to help your kids fight those nasty germs and cavities.

I learned a lot about natural toothpaste and yes I do like it a little bit more than the toothpaste that I find at the store. My daughter absolutely loves the flavor and brushes more. If you want to find more information about the different toothpastes that they offer. Check out the link below. 


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