Saturday, August 15, 2020

Love4PET Premium Grooming Gloves

Love4PET Premium Grooming Gloves - Hair Removal for Long, Short, Curly Fur - Dog Brush Gloves - Pet Hair Remover Mitt - Gentle Deshedding Brush for Short&Long Haired – Dogs, Cats Grooming Glove
When it comes to grooming your pets it can be difficult at times. Well I have two cockapoos and let me tell you they hate being brushed. Although they are the type of breed that needs to be brushed daily. Our Lucy hates being brushed, but loves being petted. So when I learned about these grooming gloves I wondered if they could work?

Love4PET offers a pair of premium grooming gloves that come in two different sizes. I thought this would be a great way to groom our dogs since they love pets. This will spoil your pet while petting them you will be removing a lot of hair with these pet grooming glove. This is a gentle de-shedding your baby with soft while firm nubs. 

What I like about these gloves that they are easy to put on and easy to use. When I put them on my hands they fit just right. They are easy to get the hair out and easy to clean without any fuss and they are easy to use the next time around. 

When we used this grooming gloves on our Lucy dog she seemed to enjoy it. Although it only had to be done by my dad or myself. This removes the dirt and dander while improving the blood circulations, stimulating the healthy oils and leaving your pets fur shiny and smooth. The first time I used the brush I had to remove the hair several time while using it. I didn't have to fight getting the hair off and having the dog escape my lap.

This would make a great gift for anyone who has a pet. This doesn't just have to be used on a dog. It can be used on different types of pets. This glove is also BPA-free material with no allergens and made non toxic silicone. Which would make a great gift. You can find this pair of glove on the link below.

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