Thursday, August 13, 2020

Fun Wines Summer Fun

Are you looking to bring that special drink to that summer fun event? I know  are picnics, camping, summer parties, cooks out and so much more. I know looking for that special drink for that special occasion can be challenging at times. When I was introduced to Fun Wine. I knew that this wine would make Summer fun!!

The first thing that I noticed when our packaged arrived was their box. This wasn't any boring packaging box it had their wines pictured on the box with colorful background. I also noticed that their were emojis and little characters on the box that made it fun. It brought  excitement when opening the box to see what was inside. 

When we took a peek inside we noticed that there was three wines and six cans of their three flavors of wine. Do you want a taste of Miami? Then this Coconut Chardonnay. This wine you can experience the smoothness of chardonnay with amazing exotic flavors of coconut and hints of pineapple. This blend taste amazing with pineapple and coconut. I feel like I'm on adventure on the beach on a island. What I like about this wine that it comes in a bottle and a mini can which is nice. I like how you can have the wine at home or at a party and share. Or if you want to enjoy a little bit you can have a can.   

The next flavor that we were able to try was their Strawberry Moscato. I know that personally I'm a strawberry fan and a huge fan of  wine. When I heard about this wine I knew that I had to try it. This wine also comes in the bottle and the can. This is a refreshing wine that tastes like strawberries and has the crisp aroma of rose moscato that will arouse your taste buds. I would drink this wine with dessert. I really enjoyed this Strawberry Mocato and it is my favorite out of the three.

The last wine that we were able to try was their 
Sangria. I like Sangria wine. I feel like it the original and Sangria usually taste amazing. This is a fruisty fierty and inviting with distinct characteristic of juicy fruit that is bold and refreshing. This is the perfect wine to bring to that outing during the summer or that party. This will be a hit and taste amazing. I personally will bring with me to the Fourth of July party that I'm going to. This also comes in a bottle and a can which is nice. 

What I like about Fun Wines is that they stand out from the other wines that I have tried and tasted. What stands out to me is the presentation of the wine. When I took it out of the box it was in another box that was fun and had emojis over the box. That what stood out the most at first. The each bottle was a fun design and had little critters on the bottle. Which would make me want to pick it up and check it out. Also the flavoring of each wine taste amazing. Where I was quite impressed with the whole presentation of this wine and the flavors. I would recommend checking them out on their website below.

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