Monday, August 3, 2020

BOS Iced Tea

When it comes to tea I'm always interested in learning about new teas. When I learned about BOS Iced Tea this company was pretty interesting. A little bit about their story is that BOS is short for RooiBOS. Which is South African red tea with unique superfood powers. That where this story begins. South Africans have enjoyed the delicious taste of naturally sweet taste of rooibos and the health benefits from this tea. That is when BOS decided to take rooibos and put it on ice. Now you can get a variety of different teas to enjoy. 

Twelve Pack Variety - Sparkling Unsweetened Iced TeaWe were excited to be able to try their variety packs to see what BOS was all about. I was quite intrigued to see what they were all about. I also learned that you can mix this tea with your favorite drink for example vodka. 

We tried one of their variety packs that has three flavors in this one. The three flavors are White Peach & Elderflower, Pineapple & Coconut, and Blueberry & Jasmine. This is a unique tea with superfood powers. This is packed with antioxidants to slow down the aging process. This tea is not caffeinated. What I learned that this has neuro-protective that helps boos the brain. Also has inflammatory to assist with muscle recovery. This tea can also help lower cholesterol and blood sugar to fight heart disease, diabetes and obesity. This tea is rich in essential minerals and vitamins. 

What I like about this tea that it has no sweeteners, no sugars and no caffeine. Which means I can drink this tea whenever I choose to. I always have to be careful when I drink caffeine because it tends to keep me up at night. This variety pack comes with 12 cans which you get 4 cans of each flavor. This is made with magic Rooibos Tea with antioxidants and flavor. 
Twelve Pack Variety - BOS Iced Tea

The next variety pack that we took a look at was their Twelve Pack Variety of BOS Iced tea. This 12 pack give you a mix of flavors that you will enjoy. The flavors in this variety pack are (3) Peach, (3) Lemon, (2) Yuzu, (2) Berry, and (2) Lime & Ginger. This is made with the magic rooibos tea and packed with antioxidants and amazing flavor. I really enjoyed the Peach and the Berry flavor tea they were amazing. 

I was quite impressed with BOS Tea. I also like the benefits that comes from this tea. The plus side it has no caffeine so I can drink it whenever I want and not have worry about when I'm able to drink it. I would highly recommend checking out the variety of teas that they offer on their website below.

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