Friday, July 24, 2020

Amelia Toffee

I will admit that I have a sweet tooth and I love all types of candy. I will admit I'm a huge fan of toffees. Although I will admit that I haven't had toffee in awhile and usually I get the toffee at the store. The store toffee is ok, but when I was able to try Amelia Toffee it was like tasting a piece of heaven. 

Amelia Toffee offers a variety of handmade toffees. That are made of perfection. We were excited when we were able to try four of their toffees. We were sent Sea Salt, Orange Bliss Toffee, Coffee Toffee and Bourbon Toffee.

The first toffee that we took a look at was their Bourbon Toffee. This came in a little cute box with the toffee inside. When I took the box out I liked out their was a ribbon wrapped around it and the label on the front letting me know what it was. Their Bourbon Toffee is mixed with a fine handcrafted bourbon which creates the perfect flavor profile of caramel and dark chocolate with a hint of oak. You will find every toffee piece sprinkled with roasted salted California almonds that give it that extra boost. 

The next flavor that we were able to try was their Coffee Toffee. If you are a huge coffee person like my dad is then this toffee is a great choice for you. This coffee flavor toffee is unique and has a bit of tradition in this recipe. What is unique about this recipe is that the coffee is brewed into their buttery toffee. Which to me is just unique. Then after doing that its then enrobed in dark chocolate. Then finishing touches it sprinkled with roasted salted California Almonds. This toffee is definitely my dads favorite out of the four. 

The next toffee that we were able to try was their Sea Salt Toffee and this was amazing and was my personal favorite. With the Sea Salt Caramel it was a little bit of heaven in your mouth and it was amazing.I had to force myself to put it down so I wouldn't eat it all in one setting. Their Sea Salt Toffee is their most traditional flavor using their grandmother's recipe. They cover every toffee piece with dark chocolate and sprinkle it with roasted salted almonds and for the final touch they dust it with seal salt.

The last toffee that we were able to try was their Orange Bliss Toffee. I was a little skeptic when I saw the name of this toffee and wasn't sure if I would like. This another unique toffee blend that they offer on their website. Since they are based in Florida they take advantages of the oranges that grow in Florida. They use the orange oil that is hand mixed in their buttery toffee. Which is unique to me and you can taste the orange with the dark chocolate and it taste amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and how amazing it was. 

These toffees were a treat. I would recommend them for a snack, treat, gift you name it. You will not go wrong with the toffees that they offer. I also like how they offer different shopping options. If you want a small bag your able to purchase that. If you would like a nicer gift box that is available also and you can gift it just like that as a gift. You can find their toffees on their website below.

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