Saturday, June 13, 2020

Valentine Shell-B and Friends

I'm always on the look out for new books for my children. As a parent I'm always concerned what my kids are watching on tv and what their reading. Recently my daughter brought home a school book that they were reading and I was appalled. It was a thriller book and they had to read it in class. She was terrified of this book. I will let you know I miss books that teach lessons and have morals and values. With the Valentine series I was impressed. They were everything that I was looking for, but get this the authors are two kids that are brother and sister. When my daughter took a look at them she could relate and she loved them. 

The first book of the series is Valentine, Shell-B and Friends. Shell-B Cut Short. This story is about: "Young siblings, Valentine, an eight-year-old boy and Shell-B a seven-year-old girl try to handle age appropriate social issues independently from their parents. They often look to each other for support or the courage within themselves to succeed. In this story, Shell-B struggles with losing her long beautiful hair, and is afraid that she’ll be made fun of for having short hair. Will she be able to find the courage to live with short hair? Or will she hide her hair from the world till it grows back?" My daughter loved this one and she could relate. She had a situation at school and she cut her own hair at home. She didn't want to go to school and hide. She overcame her fear of short hair. I loved how she could connect with the characters. This was an amazing book.

The next book that of the series is Valentine, Shell-B and Friends Valentine Draws the Line. This book is about Valentine, an eight-year old boy who sometimes struggles with his speech, has to find the courage to stand up for himself during a difficult encounter. My daughter also love the second book because she related to this book also. My daughter has a speech problem and she get extra help at school. This book was a comfort for her and she didn't think she was alone. She couldn't wait to bring this book to school and show her teachers. 

The next book that we took a look at was Valentine, Shell-B and Friends Stinky Valentine. Valentine rushes through all his daily care needs and doesn't do such a good job showering just so he can finish first. Will he learn from his mistakes?  This book my son relates to. He seems to try to beat getting ready in the morning and he ended up getting sent home due to not smelling the greatest. This book was a good one and I love how my kids can relate to it. 

The next book that we took a look at was their Valentine, Shell-B and Friends Bear-Wee's Treated Unfairly. Bear-Wee who has always been so nice to everyone and has never felt bad about how she looks, suddenly has to deal with being teased about her weight. She doesn't know how to deal with it and doesn't think her friend's will understand. Will Bear-Wee be able to get her confidence back and trust her friends will be there for her?

The last book that we took a look at was their Valentine, Shell-B and Friends. Rock-E finds himself acting unusually silly around his crush, trying to find different ways to get her attention. Will his crush feel the same way about him? This one is also was a great one that my daughter related to.

Overall my family loved this serious. They thought it was cool that kids their age wrote these books. They could relate to the serious and it had lessons to learn in the book.  I would check them out on amazon to find all five books. 

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