Saturday, June 13, 2020

One Smile and One Voice Kids Books

It been a tough couple weeks where kids are still at home. We have been working on pamphlets that the school has sent home over the weeks. Math, moral compass, social studies and science are covered. Although we forgot about English and reading. We have books at home, but my daughter has read majority of her books. At this time we can't go to our local book store to pick out a book. 

Recently I was introduced to an author that is also a teacher. She has written two children books called One Voice and One Smile. If you are looking for a book that has kindness incorporated in the story. Then these books will be a good fit for your family.

The one thing that I love about my children school is Moral Focus. Each month they will focus on one thing. For example kindness. Since we can't have moral focus at school we can incorporate it at home. I will use both books for that purpose. 

The first book that we took a look at is One Smile. This book is very powerful and bring a positive message. My daughter absolutely loved it. I had her read to be several times. My daughter would remind me daily that the small of acts of kindness can impact others lives. She has been trying to do that daily now. She said she wants to do more of that when the quarantine is over. After reading the book we talked about it and she related to it. She told me that we could give warm smiles to worker at the grocery stores and thank them for being at work.

The next book that we took a look at was One Voice. This book was amazing. My daughter was amazed of the storyline and the acts of kindness. One of my daughters favorite parts of the story is when the mailman brought the mail to the lady. My daughter liked how the mailman thought about how hard it was for her to get around and he brought the mail to her. My daughter had a smile to her face when we were reading the book. She also liked how the mailman picked a flower and brought it to the girl in the book. Acts of kindness go a long way. My daughter told me that everyone has a voice. She has these books next to her bed and she reads them at night. 

I would definitely recommend these books. It always hard to find books that have morals and ethics. This is just what our world needs more of. You can find these books on

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