Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Crud Cloth

It that time of the year that we are going outside and enjoying the weather. I know we like to go to the parks, walking trails and a lot of other outside activities. I know there has been times when we wish that we had something to clean up with. Sometimes those little clothes that come in pre-packaged packets do not meet the need of getting you clean. 

With Crud Cloth they enjoy going out enjoying bike rides and other outdoor activities. They were frustrated that they couldn't find a product that clean the grim and dirt after a ride. The only thing that worked was a washcloth and water. They knew that they couldn't bring a washcloth and bottles of water everywhere they went. The next idea was to come with an idea that they could bring something with them on a trial ride. They finally came up with something that was amazing is call Crud Cloth. Crud Cloth is a vacuum sealed to keep their ingredients extra fresh and doesn't dry out. 

They have 6 different Crud Clothes available for purchase. We received four to try out of the 7. The four that we received where their tea tree, citrus, lavender and alcohol one. These are handy to have when your on the go. This package is good for camping, on the go activities, or just having a spare in your car. I remember about five years ago we were out at a parade and my daughter fell on the way back to the car. She fell on something and made her bleed really bad. Although we were close to the car we had bandages and a few other thing but nothing to wash it clean. This would be great for the first aid kit if something goes wrong when your out. 

Each kit has a washcloth, reusable, washcloth and biodegradable. This package has 100% natural ingredients. Each pack directions smack, squish, tear, and scrub. Before opening outer package, smack the inner pod with fist to pop it. Once popped, squish soap around. Tear the package open at notch. Unfold cloth. Scrub your body. When done, use reclosable bag to store dirty cloth. 

In each bag they have simple ingredients like distilled water, cleanser, essential oil blend, lime, grapefruit, orange and bergamot, potassium hydroxide. The ingredients are made from plants. 

I believe that these are a must have when your on the go. This can help in many different situations. I know when my daughter was camping last year she would have appreciated one of these on her trips. Or just leaving on in your car incase you need one in a emergency. I would recommend having a couple on hand. Head over to their website and see what they have to offer. 

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