Friday, May 22, 2020

Zenimal Kids Products

Zenimal Mindfulness Meditation ToolOne thing as an adult I forget sometimes that children has stress just like . Majority of the time children don't show signs of stress but it's tearing them apart. I know both of my kiddos suffer from anxiety. More my son than my daughter. They show their anxiety in different ways. When it comes to my son you can see the daily struggles when it comes to anxiety. There are times when my son will lash out and you can also see how will fidgets in situations where he nervous. 

When I learned about Zenimal I was impressed that the founder Anna Peterson Macsalka came up with a product that could help kiddos with anxiety. Zenimal was founded in 2017. She wanted to offer tools to help kiddos with anxiety to help them lead a healthier, more joyful life. 

Not only do I think this device would help my kiddos out I think it would help with kids that suffer from autism. As a day job I work with kiddos that have autism. I know some of the kiddos I work with could use these skill and they would gravitate towards the turtle. This could be considered a safe item for them. Zenimal is a kid friendly device that is easy to use and brings mindfulness into everyday life that is portable and screen-free. 

Right now this product is perfect for kiddos that are stressed with everything that is going on. With covid-19 kids are at home and it has uprooted their schedules. I know my daughter has been super stressed because she wants to go back to school. She sad, frustrated and angry. The Zenimal can provide the tools that are needed to help your child process these emotions effectively. 

My daughter loves this product. She has even named her turtle. She take this turtle everywhere she goes. This turtle has different buttons that she uses to help her calm down and feel safe. This is her safe tool and I'm very glad we connected with Zenimal. If your child suffers from depression, anxiety or is going through a rough time. This product may be a great match for your child. Visit their website to find out more information. 

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