Monday, May 18, 2020

Peak State Coffee

What if I told you that Peak State offer a coffee, but its not the normal coffee that you think of? This is a functional whole bean coffee but it has mushrooms in it. What did I just say? Yes I said that this coffee is made of mushrooms. I will admit that I never in my life would think that coffee would be made out of mushrooms. It stumped me at first because when it arrived it smells amazing. The smell of the coffee is the best that I have smelt in a long time. 

This product is fair trade organic whole coffee beans. It's a medium roast coffee that this Abrabica infused with functional mushrooms and formulated with lower acidity. This is also has immune boosting blend of functional mushrooms. This is synergistic blend of organic mushrooms extracted sustainably sourced from the United States and infused into the beans using a proprietary process. 

When we received our bag to try it came in a 12 oz package. It came in whole beans. It was no grounded so we had to do it ourselves which was not a huge deal to us. It was who bean so it was nice and fresh. Usually we have it grounded due to kids are sleeping in the morning and we don't want to wake them up during that process. I do agree now after I tasted this coffee that there are full benefits of functional mushrooms, you can't just grind them into powder you need to extract the active ingredients out of the chitin. They promise that you will get a fully-extracted benefit in every cup. What I love about this coffee you get a fresh taste and it not bitter what so ever. I wold recommend to check out their kick starter project right now. 

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