Friday, May 15, 2020

LiLash Health and Beauty

Recently my friends have told me about serums that they put on their eyelashes and brows. My first thought that they were crazy for trying this kind of product.  also wondered why they would try this? Then I went to thinking would this product help my lashes and brows. Would they make them look fuller after trying a special serum. Then I decided that I wanted to give it a shot and see what happens after trying the serum out. 

Recently I was connected with a company called LiLash and they offer serum for your lashes and brows. I was excited to try their LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum. This product is one of the leading serums in the industry. This product helps you achieve long, curled lashes. LiLash offers a groundbreaking technology and a unique formula blended with the finest ingredients. This comes in a 2.0 oz bottle. This comes in two options where you can purchase a 3 month supply or a 6 month supply. When you commit to the 90 you have to make sure that you use is every day. This product is a 3 step process super easy. Before you apply this product you want to make sure your skin is clean and dry. You only have to apply this product daily. The first step is to remove the applicator from the tube and make sure there is no excess serum. The second step is to apply LiLash directly to the upper eyelid skin along your lash line. Then the third step is allow the serum to dry 2-3 minutes before going to bed. Remember do not apply to the lower eyelids or directly to the lashes. When I applied this product it was simple easy. I have very sensitive eyes so I took the recommendation to apply every other day in the first 10 days. I will update when I use this product for about 30 days. So far I really like how the product feels and how my lashes feel. I personally seem to see a small difference so far. 

The second product that we received was their LiBrow. This comes in a 3.0ml bottle. This product is the top notch Eyebrow Serum. This product uses advanced technology and a unique, physician formulated blend of the highest quality ingredients. LiBrow conditions and fortifies hair follicles to give you fuller, ticker eyebrows. This product comes in a 90 or 30 day supply. This product helps for fuller and thicker eyebrows. This product you apply once daily like the eyelash serum. You apply this to clean dry skin and only have to apply once a day. How to use this product you remove the applicator from the tube and remove excess serum off. You apply LiBrow along the brow line. Then you allow serum to dry for 2-3 minutes before going to bed. 

Overall I was quite impressed with both products. I will say I was wary at first about using this type of products. After trying LiLash I was quite impressed with the quality of product. Also it was simple using the product. I had no troubles with this product or any reactions. You can find their products at

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