Monday, May 25, 2020

Ice Chip Candy

When it comes to candy in my household it goes quickly. I won't lie that my  is obsessed with candy. I limit her of course but she is obsessed and always asking for it. I do worry about how much sugar she intakes when she eats candy. Well as a mom I'm lucky does love her veggies as well. 

I was excited when I learned about Ice Chips Candy. This is a sugar free candy and let me tell you it taste amazing. I have tried these in the past and we loved them in the past and we still love them. What I have noticed about this product is that they have a lot more variety of flavors now then they used to. We received their variety pack that includes six full tins with their most popular flavors. We received their Berry Mix, Peppermint, Root Beer, Lemon, Cinnamon and licorice. 

Berry mix is tart and tangy when you try it. This flavor is supposed to remind you of when you picked those amazing berries.

Peppermint taste like peppermint. I love this flavor and I put this in the car. When I go in somewhere I always pop one of these. They are amazing. 

Licorice is my favorite. I don't have to worry my kids are not fond of this flavor. That means more for me. Although I can't blame them when it gone within a few days. 

Cinnamon is another good one. If your a fan of red hots than this ice chip is for you. I like this product and they're amazing. I only can eat a few at a time or it overwhelms me. 

Lemon flavor was ok. It wasn't my favorite. My kids gravitated towards this more. They said it tasted like lemonade and they liked it. 

The last flavor was root beer and this was a favorite in our household. It seemed like everyone was fighting over it. I would say it tasted just like root beer. I couldn't get enough.

Overall I love this candy. I feel like I can't put the tin down. What I like about this candy that it sugar free, but you would never be able to tell. If you're not fond of those flavors that is ok. There is a wide variety of these and you'll be able to choose the flavors that you like. Check them out on their website. 

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