Sunday, May 24, 2020

Gray Matters Game

Finding something to when your home in quarantine can be hard at times. It been a few weeks here thats everyone been home. The kids handled it well so far, but you can tell they're starting to get buggy. So find things for them to do is kind of hard at times. 

One thing that you can do during this quarantine is have family game night. Gray Matters Games was very nice to send our family two of their games for our game night. They sent over Game of Wolf a Trivia Game and You Bet Cha.

The first game that we played together was The Game of Wolf Trivia Game. This game is a fun Strategic Trivia Game that will test how loyal your family is. This game will who who is the strongest in your pack. Will you be the strongest? My kids are are very competitive and let me tell you that they wanted to win. In this game you can choose to have a partner or go in alone. If you choose to be a lone wolf you will get double the points. This game is recommended for children 14 and up. It's also recommended for 4 or more players. This is a fun trivia game that will have you laughing and having a great time. This is perfect for family night and give you something to do while your at home during the quarantine. 

The second game that we were able to ry is You Bet Cha. This is the original version of this game. There is three ways to play this game and it determined by a roll of the dice. This is a combination of the fun wagering against your opponent's trivia knowledge with a race against the clock making for fun time. When I took out the game at first I was overwhelmed. Although when I read the instructions it was a lot more simpler than I thought at first. This game includes 100 custom poker chips where you are able to wager on questions. Six dry erase boards and makers to write your answers down. There are 168 subject cards and containing 3000 answers. This reminds me a lot like poker but it trivia instead. It a lot of fun. Where you wager the amount for each question. This was a lot of fun to play with my kiddos. 

Overall both game would make great games to play at Family Game Night. Right now this is what families need during this quarantine. We had a fun time trying out both games and it brought a lot of smile and laughs. I would highly recommend looking into this website for fun games that are available. 

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