Monday, May 11, 2020

Free Your Tea

A World of TeaAre you a tea drinker? I have a subscription box just for you. Free Your Tea is a  subscription service that serves your unique taste. What is Free Your Tea you may ask? It a personalized tea subscription that tailors teas to taste based on your preferences and your tea ratings. 

We received a package today from Free Your Tea. We didn't receive a box that they show on the website. We received a 6 packets of tea in the bag that we received. Then we also received little tea bags to put your tea inside. I liked how the provided the tea bags for the tea. 

When I took out the tea packets I noticed on the front it showed the name on the tea and gave information about the tea. On the back of the packets it showed steeping instructions. 

The first tea that I took out was their Bai Mu Dan. This is a white tea that is pure, light and has floral hints of natural sweetness. This tea is great for plain tea or you can drink it cold. This brew of tea is from Fuijan, China.

The next tea is Golden Assam Breakfast. This is a breakfast blends have some Assam. This is all Assam: broken leaf and golden tips. Combination makes for malty full bodied tea to enjoy with or without milk and sugar. You can drink this plain, with/without sugar and milk. This tea you will find in Assam India.

The third tea that was in our bag was Citrus Mint Green #2. This tea is recommended both hot and cold. This has a fresh minty flavors coupled with fennel and lemon peels. This tea is recommend to brew plain, cold brewed. With sugar/honey, and lemon. 

The fourth tea that was in the bag was their East Indian Summer Green. This is a exotic green tea comes from a hilly region of East india and features a fresh vegetal flavor with slightly sweet after taste and smooth texture. This tea is best plain or cold brew and recommended to add honey. This tea is from Arunachal Pradesh, India.

The fifth tea that we received was their Holy Basil Herbal Tea. this tea is known in India and consumed for healing properties. This tea is blended with lemongrass, spearmint and lemon peels to brew a cup of pure fresh delight. This is recommended brewed plain or cold with honey. 

The last tea in our bag was their Nilgiri Black Blend. This is their lighter blend of black teas from the Nilgiri mountains. This is still fairly full bodied and earthy and shines both hot and cold brewed. This is from Nilgiri, India. You can drink this plain or cold brewed. You can also add honey and sugar in your tea. 

This is a great box that you can try all kinds of different teas. There were teas in this box that we normally wouldn't try and we did and they were pleasantly good. I would recommend this subscription box and you will not be disappointed. They really gear these teas to your liking and preference. After receiving your box of teas they'll ask you to fill out a survey to know how to put your next box together.  You can find more information on their teas on their website. 

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