Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Humblemaker Coffee Co. Coffee Gift Guide 2020

Humblemaker Coffee Co.

Humblemaker Coffee Co. is a unique independent California coffee company producing premium organic craft whole bean coffees & coffee beverages. Another fun fact that I learned about this company is that they are dedicating 10% of their annual profits to enrich the lives of children living with autism. This touches my heart because the line of work that I do. I work with kiddos with autism.

BOOMTOWNE - Multivitamin Cold Brew Shot (8 Pack)They offer a variety of products. The products that caught my eye is their coffee shots. I can't tell you that I ever seen these before. Although they look amazing and can't get over how cute they are.  The first shot that we took a look at is their Simply Black triple strength cold brew shot with your daily multi vitamins. This shot comes in a 2 ounce ready to drink bottle. This cold brew shot can be used in two different ways. It can be drank straight out of the bottle or it can be added to your favorite drink. 

LA FONDA -  Antioxidant Cold Brew Shot (8 pack)The next cold brew is La Fonda- Antioxidant.  This cold brew is a rich, Mexican Coffee cold brew show with pure cinnamon and caco that harnesses all the immune boosting powers. This includes green tea active polyphenols, vitamin C and selenium. This comes also in a 2 oz bottle that you can drink from. When you drink this cold brew shot you can definitely test the cinnamon in this shot. I really like the blends and the flavors of this one. It definitely on the spicy side but it is amazing. This one is my favorite one out of the three. 
BLACK SEA - Functional Cold Brew Shot (8 pack)
 last coffee brew shot is their Black Sea coffee brew. This one also comes in a 2 oz ready to drink bottle.  The brew helps cognitive health. That is important to me. I have been looking for cognitive health products and I was excited to give this one a try. This is a Turkish Coffee cold brew shot that is brewed with real cardamom and clove that's packed with L-Theanine and Ginseng. This helps promote memory and reaction. I really enjoyed this one and I would say that this cold brew is my second best.

Overall I would say that these are amazing. I loved how they came in a 2 oz bottle. I never saw bottles like this before. I have shared these with a few friends and they thought these bottle were awesome. They also taste amazing and great for on the go. You can find more about these cold brew shots. 

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