Monday, April 27, 2020

Grain Free Mama's Las Vegas

When it comes to baking and cooking in the kitchen I watch what I make for my kids. I have been dabbling in cooking with gluten free foods. The reason why is recently my son was very sick. He had to go in for numerous test and the test revealed that he was lactose and his body may not like gluten. They recommend trying to cut both out of this diet. 

 is why I have been looking for companies that offer products gluten free products. Recently I was introduced to Grain Free Mama's. The offer a variety of baking products. They offer muffin mixes, crepe mixes and cookies. 

We were lucky to be able to try their pizza crust mix and their Delicious Chocolate Crepe Mix. The first one that we took a look at was their Original Pizza Crust. I have been trying to make pizza crust for the past three weeks. I'm not going to lie I have tried several recipes and it didn't turn out right, so we had to throw the pizza dough out. I was excited when I was able to give is dough a try. When we took a look there was some ingredients we had to use that we normally don't use.  Like apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. It was simple instructions all you have to follow them and you will having an amazing crust. I was quite surprised on how well it tasted. My son really enjoyed the crust. We had to add pepperoni and cheese. That is their favorite toppings. 

The next product we took a look at is their Delicious Chocolate Crepe Mix. My daughter wanted to try this one out. I let her make it her self. She has been practicing her cooking and baking skills. She had admitted she never tried crepes before and was curious of what it was. There is 8 serving per mix. It also gave measurements for one crepe. This recipe was easy. All you had to do is whip 3 eggs, vanilla, and water. Then you mix all ingredients together. When the edges start to curl up, that is when you will know it done. You can add your topping or fillings of choice in the crepe. You can also either eat this crape cold or warm. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcomes of the mixes. They were amazing. Not only did the crepes taste amazing. My daughter had a lot of fun making them. The instructions were simple that my 9 year old knew what to do. Also this is a great line of mixes for my son who has stomach problems. You can find their full line on their website. 

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