Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Lucky Leprechaun Juice Box

Lucky Leprechaun Juice Box

Lucky Leprechaun Juice Box
Lucky Leprechaun Juice Box
Trying to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Our leprechaun Juicy Juice box craft is pure gold! This craft will be a great treat at any party!
Construction paper (black, green and yellow)
Juicy Juice box
Step 1
Gather your materials.
Step 2
With your green construction paper, measure how much paper you need to cover the face of your juice box. Then, cut the construction paper along those measurements. Tape the construction paper on.
Step 3
Next, take your black paper and cut it into a belt shape.
Step 4
After cutting your belt, cut your buckle out of your yellow construction paper. Then, cut another square from the inside of your square.
Step 5
Once you’ve cut both the belt and buckle, glue the buckle on top of the belt. Finally, glue your belt onto the front of the juice box. Enjoy your leprechaun Juicy Juice and have a happy St Patrick’s Day! Please share your crafts with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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