Monday, November 11, 2019

Popar Review Holiday Gift Guide 2019

I am excited that I found educational books for the holiday. Popar sent us five of their Popar Smart books. They are interactive books that your child is not just reading a book they are going on an adventure. When my kiddos and I checked the books out together we were just amazed on how cool they where. 

We received five of their books for review. We received their Dinosaurs Smart book, Sea Life Smart Book, Safari Smart Book, bugs Smart Book and Planets Smart book. 

The first book that we checked out was the Safari book. Let me tell you I was quite surprised. This was just not reading a book but it was also going on adventure. While looking at this book you will need your phone or tablet. This book will come to life. Where you can see fun facts about the lions, Elephants and Tigers and so much more. This where you visit their habitats, watch videos, feed them and you can also find fun facts about he safari. How cool is that where your child can go on safari ride and learn new facts about their favorite animals.

The next book that we checked out was their Dinosaur Smart book. This book is one of my sons favorites. It was a fun adventure to learn about the different dinosaurs that were around. This book showed the different dinosaur bones and what they looked like. I enjoyed seeing what habitats that they lived in. Also I enjoyed learning new facts about the different dinosaurs that I didn't know or that I forgotten about. 

The next book I gave to my client that I work with because he absolutely loves the planets and space. He read this book and looked at it with his mom. He loved how it was 3d and he could learn more about planets and learn new facts. This was a great book for him. His parents were quite impressed with this book and how it works. They can't wait to look into the other books that they have to offer. 

Another book that they offer is their sea life and this book was my daughters absolutely her favorite one.  She has been a huge fan of life that was under the sea. This is where you get to learn about dolphins, puffer fish, sharks and so much more. My daughter loved how you go to under the sea and you could see their natural habitats. She also loved how you pressed on the animal it would bring up fun facts, so he could learn more about each animal. 

Th last book that we received was their bug book. I am not a huge fan of bugs. I don't know why they just give me the creeps. My daughter let my son have this one. My son liked learning about the different bugs that were out there. He loved learning new things on why they were important and all the fun facts. 

Overall I really loved the concept of these books. Not only they are fun and are interactive and your child goes on adventure. This type of book make reading fun for kids and then they are hooked. I would highly recommend including this set for that special christmas gift this holiday season. 

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