Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hearthsong Review

 My son birthday is coming up and I always try to find a gift that he will like. I also get him something little extra because his birthday is on Valentines Day. Well this year I found the perfect item that would make a great birthday/valentines day gift for your child. It is Vortex Glow in The Dark Marble Run. I found the Vortex Glow in the Dark Marble at HearthSong. HearthSong has a great variety of toys for your child. I spent hours looking through there website and found so many nice things. A little bit about HearthSong is that they are committed in providing quality age appropriate toys to children.  They have been around since the beginning of 1983.HearthSong believes that childhood is a important chapter of a child's life and there time should be filled with joy. So they want to provided the best experience possible from their toys. 

I was sent the Glow-in-the-Dark Marble Run fromHearthSong. My son was very excited to review this item. I remember when I had a toy called Marble Works and I though that toy was amazing and that was 26 years ago. When I first sat a picture of this toy it looked like a very interesting toy. When we received the Glow-in-the-Dark-Marble run my son wanted me to put it together right away. So I opened the box up and to start putting this together. I liked how that all the pieces where in different bags and had numbers on the bag and the pieces. I also like how the instructions where in a book and it was easier to understand. Their where over 375 pieces to this marble vortex. This also will require 3 double A batteries and they are not included. Batteries are needed for the automatic marble launcher and the sound effects. 

I would recommend putting this together in a quiet place. If I had to do this again I would have done this when my children where sleeping. I was very brave trying it with a almost a five year old and two year old. They where pretty good for the most part but they where distracting. I had to take several breaks putting this together. It took almost the whole afternoon getting this just right. I had to start over once because my son distracted me and I put it together wrong. Although I say it took me about 3 hours putting it together with two kids. It was not bad and it was quality time with my children. I was impressed with the instructions and they where really easy to understand and read. In the instructions it showed how many pieces of what number you needed. Each piece had a number that matched in the instructions and let me tell you that helped a lot. The pieces fit very tightly which is great because they do not come apart easy. Which means the toy does not fall apart which is great for me. After putting everything together the fun is about to begin.

Overall I would say the quality is great. It held up great. My son was playing for hours with the Marble Vortex. He kept telling me I am the best mommy in the world. This was the most amazing toy that he has ever played with. I like how you can launch the marble up through one of the tubes and then it goes through twists at turns. During the marble run their is sound effects that makes it that much more fun. I even found my self having a great time playing with it. The best part of it all it also glows in the dark. My son loved that feature so much. This toy is a great family time toy to play together or it is a great by your self toy.

I would highly recommend this toy and I had so much fund with my son playing with it. It brought back memories when I used to play with marble works when i was a child. I also know each year I get my kids something for Valentines Day. I would highly recommend checkingHearthSong out. They have a great variety, great prices and great toys. There is something for everyone there. Get your Valentines Day shopping done at HearthSong.

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