Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Eat Smart Precision Elite Kitchen Scale

Eat Smart is a company that wants to gives their very best back to their customers. They work very hard to bring the best products to their customers. What is also amazing is they give back from the sales that they make and donate to charities each month. They offer a variety of different products such as bathroom sales, kitchen scales, thermometers, baby and pet scales, and travel products.

Eat Smart sent me the Precision Elite Kitchen scale for review.  It was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. The features to this product are: EatSmart Elite Sensor Technology, durable, easy to clean stainless steel top, easy to read backlit display, teak feature, subtract weight of container, measurements units, maxim weight and comes with a 2 year eatsmart satisfaction guarantee. 

When I took the product I thought it looked classy and would fit in almost any kitchen. Which is nice where it looked classy and would fit in the most stylish kitchens. This scale is oversized but that is the point with this scale. The reason why it oversized it you can put different foods together on the scale. It saves time where you don't have to repeat several times. After making a mess this product is very easy to clean and takes less time then other scales that I own. Also this scale can hold up to 15 pounds. 

Overall I really like this product and I would recommend it. I like the numbers that are on screen they are easy to read. The stainless steel is to clean up and it doesn't look dull or scratch after use. It easy to store. I also like that this a battery operated scale and all you need to replace the batteries when they die.

You can find more products are their site below


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