Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tenzi Holiday Gift Guide Review

In our family it fun to play games that brings the family together. Recently I came across a company called Tenzi and they bring several easy fun games to play. We received Tenzi, Slapzi and 77 ways to play Tenzi.

Tenzi is a fun simple game that your whole family can play. It simple but so much fun. I like how simple it that my daughter who is eight years old and can not stay focused for a long time loves this game. Tenzi is a game that you can also change up and play in so many different ways. Tenzi comes with 40 dice. There are also four colors that have ten dice each. This game you can have up to four players. When we started out we set the time to a minute to see who can get all the dice to all one at first. There are so many different ways to play this game where you can split the dice where 5 dice be 2 or 5 dice 3. It is so many different way to play and have fun. Then we have an add on to this game is called 77 ways to play Tenzi. This is an add on to the game and the dice is not included when you purchase 77 ways to play Tenzi. These cards will help make the game more fun and tell you how to play each round. For example Pairzi who will be the first to roll five different pairs? Evenzi Roll a Tenzi of all 2's, all 4's or all 6's. This game will never be boring because there is so many different options to play. 

The next game it called Slapzi which is a fast paced game also and a lot of fun. The objective of the game is to get rid of your five cards that you have in your hand. How you play is you have five cards in your hand and you put a clue card down in the middle of the table. The clue card may say an object that is round. Then players will look to see what they have in their hand. Who ever has something that fit the clue will discard their card fast before other players have a chance. If you have a basketball card play it quickly or it will be to late. Then that turn is over and another clue card it played. This will continue until the first player discarded all their cards. Then that makes them the winner. Which is a lot of fun because you have to be on your game to get rid of all of your cards. 

Overall I really love these to games. They are simple and easy to play. My kids picked up on this game right away. Tenzi is awesome because this game offers many different way to play so it never gets boring. Also what I like about this game you can bring it with you for play time. You can find more information about Tenzi and Slapzi at the link below.

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