Monday, November 12, 2018

Tatic Game Night Holiday Gift Guide Review

Around the holidays I always love having family game nights. When I recently learned about the company Tatic I learned a lot of interesting facts. I did not realize that they have been around over 50 years. They were also the first Finnish game company which I also thought that was pretty interesting. 

We were very excited when we were able to choose a couple games for our family game nights for the holidays that are coming up. Our family voted on two games and they where Alias and We Detectives.

When we were looking at the Alias game which is a favorite and highly recommended. They have nine different Alias games. We decided on the original Alias game to try. Although the other Alias game look just as much fun. 

Alias is a very popular game worldwide and they have sold over 5 million games. What I like about Alias that it is a word association game and the goal is to explain as many words as possible to your teammates without saying the actual word that is on the cards. Which is a lot of fun. When you are guessing what is on the game card and you get it correct you can move forward on the game board. The more words that you guess right the further you get to move on the board game. What also I like about this game there are words that are easy to very difficult. There are 3200 word options for this game and are on 400 cards. This was a fun and challenging game with the kiddos and they liked trying to guess the words. Some words were easier than other words. I would definitely recommend this game for family game night. 

The second game that we got to try was We Detectives which is another amazing game that we got to play with the kids. My kids always love playing games that make them think. This game brings the kids together and let them use their critical thinking skills. During this game we worked together to solve crimes. During this game you move around the city, collect evidence and solve the cases. Sounds easy right? Well the part that I didn't tell you is that you will be also racing against time. If your fun out of time the bad guy will walk away scotch free. Working together to solve the crimes make the game experience fun for the whole family. 

Overall the games that we received from Tatic were very family friendly and brought the family together. They offer a lot of family friendly games on their website and their is something for everyone on their site. They have games for all age ranges which is also nice. What I really like about this company is their games bring families together. You can find more of their games at their website below.

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