Friday, November 2, 2018

Purvis Game Review Holiday Gift Guide

Over the holiday season I know that my family try to find things to do together over holiday break. Here in Michigan the weather is always unpredictable. Sometimes it is just the best to stay inside and keep warm. Then when that happens as a mom I always try to think of easy fun ways to keep the kids entertained and not tearing up the whole house. 

That is where Purvis Games comes in and helps out. The offer a variety of different games to play. They offer different categories of games like Augmented Reality, Party Games, Trivia, Strategy, Educational, Puzzle, Dungeon Crawler and Expansion for Base Game. 

We received three games for review and they are Movie Buff, Fish Bowl and Pirate Attack.  Which are family is going to have a lot of fun when it comes to holiday break this year. 

The first game that we checked was Fish Bowl. What is unique about this game that it comes with a fishbowl and it is collapsible. What comes in this game is a fishbowl, official fishbowl timer, perforated notepads, 4 labeled pens, and scorecard. This game is recommend for ages 10 and up and 4 or more players. The length of this game averages 30-45 mins of playtime. This game is more geared for my son and his friends. My daughter has a few more years until she is ready for this type of game. The objective of this game is to have four players where teams compete for points by correctly guessing created answers through clues. How fun is that? Each player adds any word or phrase of their choosing to the fishbowl. There are different rounds of the game. The first rounds is where you describe. The second rounds is where you act out and the third round is where you remember.  You get 60 seconds after that for team to try to guess as many answers as possible from the clues. Overall this is a fun party game to play when my son has his friends over. 

The next game that we got for review is Pirate Attack. This game is our favorite game out of the three. This is my sons favorite also. When we learned more about this game he had to share with with his neighbor friend where they learned out to play it with a couple other kids. What I think is unique about this game it come with the base game. Where you can play it just as is or you can purchase 6 extra edition packages to add to this game. This game can be added to and made bigger than it already is. This game is recommended for ages 8 and up and 3-10 players. The average playing time is 30-60 mins. This game includes 350 cards. Pirate Attack is a fast paced action packed card game. The objective of the game is where you must try to build up your pirate ships while you are trying to take down your opponent's pirate ship. How you play is you draw 1 card and play 1 card. There are some cards that may alter that patter just a little bit. Play a ship, increase a ship, decrease another players ship, open/close a maker, steal cars or attack a player with your ship. You can receive gold and buy items to help make your ships strong against your opponents. My son and his friends quickly became obsessed with this game and they are already asking me to buy the expansions for this game. I would say this would make a perfect game for over the holidays!!

The last game that we received was Movie Buff. If you are a fan of trivia games than this game is perfect for you. This is recommend for kids ages 10 and up and recommend for players 2 or more. The game is the worlds greatest movie trivia card game ever. If you love watching movies and you know all the lines and film facts than this game is right up your alley and will test your skills. Do you have what it takes? This game is bases on Take and relies on players own movie knowledge, so don't worry you can never play the same game twice it will always be different. The objective of this game is connect each of the four trivia cards to complete a take. The use one of the actors from the take to jump to a new movie and start a new take. First person to get rid of their cards wins. Whether it's a fiercely competitive contest with your best buds, or a fun family night, movie buff brings it. This is a fun to have at a holiday party with the adults. It a fun fast paced game with will bring a lot of entertainment.

Overall I would highly recommend Purvis Games. Great customer service and very friendly company. The game are great and family friendly. I would highly recommend looking at these game for the upcoming holidays. You can find their games at the link below. 


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