Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kiss Naturals Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Recently my daughter has been really into makeup recently and recently been introduced to bath bombs. She always asking me how to make them and has taken an interest on how they are made. I found a company called Kiss Naturals that offer DIY own kits which would make amazing holiday gifts for this upcoming Christmas. 

They have four kits available on their website. They offer Bath Fizzie, Lip Balm, Glycerin Soap and Lava Lip Balm. What I like about the kits on the box they show you all the materials that you will get in the kit and the box will also list each material that is included. To me that is a plus because my children can see what they are getting and they where also excited to know what they are getting. 

The first kit that they have available is the Bath Fizzie. My daughter was very excited when we took this kit out of the box. This kits ingredients is all natural. My daughter was very excited when she learned that this was a bath bomb kit and she could make her own bath fizzies that she could use herself. What I also like over the holidays is that these kits will teach her a little bit of science. Here is what is included in your Bath Fizzie kit: 1 packet of secret formula powder (pink or aqua), 1 bottle of witch hazel, 1 red silicone mold, tropical sunset natural fragrance, 1 measuring cup, and 1 mini spatula. This kit was easy for my daughter to do and she absolutely loved it. She had fun making her own fizzie bombs and had a lot of fun using them. 

The second kit that we received was their DIY Lip Balm kit. This next one was a lot of fun she loved bring her own lip balm to school and showing her friends and teacher what she made. This kit will teach you how to make your own lip balm from scratch and it fun and easy for your kiddos. The kit provides everything that you will need to make your own lip balm. The kit provides shea butter, beeswax and safflower oil for the lip balm. The fragrances that are included boysenberry and bubblegum. They supplies that they provide are  measuring cup, spatula, 3 empty lip balm tubes, 3 lip balm jars and 6 lips balm labels. This kit was one of her favorites that she was able to make her own lip balm and she uses it a lot. She also shows everyone her lip balms and brags that she made them herself. 

The next kit that we tried was their Glycerin Soap kit. This kit was a lot of fun and we were able to make up to 16 hand soaps for our house. We were able to create vegetable based hand and body soaps for our home. My daughter did have the idea of giving them gifts to family and friends for the holiday season. This kit is very simple all you have to do is melt a square of the clear glycerin soap based in the clear pot included in the kit. Then you add the color and fragrance. Then you pour the mixture in the soap molds and let them cool. Then bam you have your soaps. What is included in this kit are: 2 blocks of glycerin soap base, 2 bottle of scented oils (jasmine and tropical sunset, two colored micas, soap mold, clear mixing/melting pot, stirring spoons, and 1 dropper. This was also a very fun kit to do. 

The last kit that we received was their Lava Lip Gloss craft kits. They compare this kit to lava lamps. If you like lava lamps them you will love this kit. This kit is award winning, groovy 60's inspired lip gloss. The reason why they compare this to lava lips gloss is that you mix together naturals oils, flavors and colors in a tube and you will be mesmerized as the oil mixture and colored glycerin move freely around each other just like a lava lamp. In this kit it includes castor oil, safflower oil, 2 bottle of natural flavors, 3 bottles of natural colors (purple, pink and yellow) 1 measuring cup, 6 empty roll-on lip gloss tubes, and 6 lips gloss labels. This was a fun one to watch and my daughter thought it was pretty cool to was the ingredients turn into lip gloss. 

Overall these kits where very simple to make. The instructions were to the point and easy to follow. The kids had a lot of fun making lip glosses, soaps and fizz bombs. I would highly recommend ordering these kits for you kiddos for Christmas time. They will have a lot of fun making their own soaps and lip balms. You can find their products at the link below. 

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