Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Goliath I Top Holiday Guide Review

I remember as a child when I played with tops as a child. Where I would spend hours spinning them around and just messing around. I never thought that they would be popular again in my kids generation. Although these aren't your old top toys these are the Next Generation Tops which bring a lot more excitement.

Goliath games came out with the Next Gen Tops that you can spin and have a lot of fun with. They have three different colors and they are Mega Gear Blue, Infinite Purple and Vortex red. We received Infinite Purple and Vortex Red. On the package there is a saying spin to win. There is over ten different games on each top. There is a compass mode, cupid, the 99 challenge, pi, top score, lucky charm, jackpot, ufo, airplane, and diamonds. 

Here is a description of the different games that are offered. Compass mode is where you spin the right code to unlock a real compass. Pi is no math involved here spin 314 for pi. UFO is to spin 606 for an animation that is out of this world. Airplane prepare for takeoff, spin 747 for a high flying surprise. Cupid love will have you spinning on 214. The 99 challenge spin to 99 exactly to unlock cool animations. Top score practice your best spins and beat the high score. Jackpot you're a winner if you spin 777. Lucky Charm nothing is luckier than spinning 888. Diamond unlock a precious jewel at 333. 

This top spinner is so much fun. It is easy to play with and also challenging. What I do like about the tops is when you start spinning them they light up while your are spinning them. They do have a screen where you can see how many time it spins. After it is done you spin again you can see previously what you scored and what is the recent score. This game is fun and challenging because there are different scores you need to try and get and it will take a lot of practice you get there.

This is where curiosity will get children and they will spend hours trying to win the different challenges which is not a bad thing. This will brings a lot of fun over the holidays and make a great gift. Make sure you check this game out on the website below.

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