Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Endless Game Holiday Gift Guide 2018

We were excited that we were able to add a few more games to our family game night collection. Endless Games offers a variety of different games like party games, family games, card games, dice games, and kids games. All games are made in the USA. We were able to receive three games for review and they where Everybody Knows, Floor is Lava and Sleepover Party Game. 

Floor is Lava is a very fun game that I found very creative. I know as a child we played similar games to this one. I remember playing on the playground at elementary school where we could not set off on the wood chips. If you did you were out of the game and you lost. In this game you have to use your imagination and pretend that the floor is lava and you can not set foot on it. The object of the game is the floor is lava and while spinning for their color and jumping along foam game pieces in order to reach to safety. What I also like about this game while play it is incorporating physical activity.  What the game contains is 25 colored foam safety stones, 27 challenge cards,  and 1 game spinner card with arrow and base. This game is recommend for 2-6 players  and recommend for ages for 5 and up. As a mom I like this game for my children it brings laughs, giggles and lots of fun. It creates physical activity and a lot of creativity while playing. This game will bring the family together through play. 

The next game we received for review was Everybody Knows. This is a newer game from Endless game. This one my kids weren't able to play due to them be a little to young for this game. This is a trivia game which would be great for holiday parties. Example of questions that are asked in this game are what is the capital of California?  Who played Forrest Gump? What is 5x 16? This game is about answering questions everybody knowns the answers to. Here is the kicker is that you have to answer these question in 60 seconds or less. Yes the answer seem to be easy, but what happens when you are under pressure and trying to go for 10 for 10 in 60 seconds. What comes in this game is 500 playing cards, 1 sand timer, 1 dry erase maker and 1 scorecard. This game is for 2 or more players and recommended for ages 12 and up. 

The last game that we received in our box was Sleepover Party Game. This is the perfect game if your playing a sleepover party over the holidays. This would be the perfect game to bring out during sleepovers. This game has challenges for you to partake in. There are over 200 challenges that you have to act t, work it or party. All you have to do is spin the spinner and attempt to complete the challenges. This game will have you having fun and being silly. Prepare to laugh, sing and perform. This game will come with 85 act it cards, 75 work it cards and 40 party cards and one spinner. This game is ideal for 3 or more players and ages 8 and up. This game will have your kids having so much fun during their sleep over parties. It is a must have!

Overall these game are so much fun for the family and for party games. I really liked the game where you have to watch out for lava. During holiday parties break out the trivia and have some fun. I would highly recommend these fun games for the holidays. The best part is that Endless Game have many more games that you can play at home. Find these game and other game with the link below.

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