Thursday, November 1, 2018

Buzz Bee Toys Review Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to the holidays I always have a hard time figuring out what my son would want for Christmas.This year Buzz Bee Toys made it very easy for me to know exactly what he would want for Christmas. This year Buzz Bee Toys are offering two hot toys this year. Adventure Force Thermal Tracker that is recommend for ages 6 and up and Air Warriors Covert Squad that is also recommend for ages 6 and up.

My ten year old son was very excited when these showed up at our house. Him and a neighbor friend are huge into this type of toys. They are always outside playing with them for hours. 

The first toy that we took out of the box was the Adventure Force Thermal Tracker. My son was the talk of the neighborhood when he showed his friends this toy. The Thermal Hunter is pretty awesome in their eyes. It has a heat seeking scope that can detect a heat source up to 60 feet away, and crosshairs will turn red to let you know when you're on target. How awesome is that? What also the kids thought was awesome that it can blast the darts up to 90 feet!! I personally didn't believe it until i saw it. What my son also loves that there is an option that you can build and customize the perfect blaster with other brand accessories. Also you can place the scope on other brands blaster how neat is that?

The second toy that we received was the Warriors Covert Squad. Which my son friend and him absolutely loved because this package had two of them inside. With this toy you need a partner which made it perfect. These aren't any guns they have a special walkie talkie blaster feature. Each blaster has a built in walkie talkie with earbud communication that works up to 300 feet. The blasting feature of this gun is up to 100 feet. This is amazing feature to it and my son thought it was pretty awesome that they could talk between the guns. They will never see you guys coming.

Overall this will be amazing toy for kids over the holidays. Buzz Bee Toys have outdone their selves this year. Their toys are great quality, durable and provides a lot of fun for kids you can find their toys at the link below.

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