Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Magic Tales Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Last year I got married to my amazing husband. My husband has a daughter and I have two children myself. We were looking on ways to bring our families together and start new family traditions together. Recently when I came across this company I knew their idea would be amazing for our family. This would be our new family tradition. 

The Magic tales is an interactive product that celebrates the "night before." They have values, imagination and family tradition based in the books. They have a selection of books like the night before Easter, the night before Christmas, the night before Chanukah, the night before Halloween, the night before your birthday.

I was excited when we received The night before Christmas, The Magical Tale of the Friendship Dreidel- A Chanukah Tradition, The Magical Tale of Halloween for review. When I took the books out of the box I like how they are thick. The one thing I was worried about is that I want to keep this book safe and sound. It has a pocket where you can protect your book and has an area for the special holiday dust and birthday dust. 

We first looked at The Magical Tale of Santa Dust. When I first taken the book out I was very excited to look at it and read it. I just had a feeling before I looked at it that this would be amazing fit for our family. The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is a holiday tale of two small children whose house Santa has never been able to find. It is Christmas Eve again, and the children fear that another year that Santa will not come and visit. This is a fun adventure that I guarantee that your family will fall in love with just like my family has. What is amazing bonus is that they also provide you with your own pouch that comes with special dust of your own.

The next book that we are able to review is the Friendship Dreidel game. This book teaches children that it doesn't matter on religion, color or nationality a person is friendship is built on love, trust and shared interest. In this book Clara and Sarah have been friend almost their whole lives. In the book they found a dreidel that appears in the snow, they link it both of them in a way they only understand and what holiday are all about. Which is a very touching story and a great holiday story for the holidays. My daughter had a great time reading this book with me. It brought both of together with an amazing story and lesson. With this book it has one dreidel, 4 gelt coins and instructions on how to play the game.

The next book we were able to review was Magic Dust of Halloween. I know my children absolutely love Halloween. They love dressing up and going trick or treating. Halloween is where you faced with ghosts, goblins and mysterious hands that aren't connected to arms, it can be much more scary.In this book there are two kids who find themselves to face their fears. Will they face them or run away. Will this magic pouch with magic sparkling magical Halloween Dust chase way the ghouls and goblins away? You will just have to find out!!

Overall these are amazing books. They are one of a kind and they will definitely be a tradition for families. They are fun and bring brothers and sisters together. I would definitely recommend these books for your family and what do you know you might even start a new tradition yourself. You can fid their books at their website below.

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