Sunday, August 5, 2018

Math for Love Holiday Gift Guide 2018

When it comes to the holiday's I always try to find unique gift ideas for my children. When I came across Math for Love I thought about my son. My son loves math and game that are like this. If a game is challenging and it makes him think then it right up his alley. Math for Love has two game available and they are Tiny Polka Dog and Prime Climb.

The Tiny Polka Dot game is a number loving learning game. This game is for youngsters learning how to count. This reminds me kind of flash cards where you put the numbers 0-5 out on the table and they have a variety of different cards that has numbers 0-5. They have dots that represent the number and they child has to match them up to the numerical number. This is a great fun way to introduce numbers to your child. This helps them critical think and solves problems. I would also recommend bringing this game into preschools. I think this is a great idea. I would highly recommend this game for youngsters. 

The next game is geared for older kids. This game is called Prime Climb. I know that my son absolutely loves this game and he figured it out quickly. For me I will admit that I am not a strong math person so it was a challenge for myself. I can admit that my son did not get his math skill from mom. Which is a good thing. This game comes with Prime Climb board, 24 prime cards and four blank cards, multiplication table reference sheet, two 10 sided dice, and eight pawns.

Layout the board and shuffle the cards. Then you place two pawn on the start for each player. Then you roll the dice to decide who goes first. The goal of the game is reach 101 circle. It in the middle of the spiral circle. You will need both pawns land on that circle to win. A turn consist of four phases roll, move, bump and draw. First you will roll the dice. The two numbers you roll will be used. One at a time. During this game you will have to use all your math skill subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication. My son got the hang of this game right away and he absolutely  loved it. He brought it over to the neighbors house and they played this game for a long time. I love how this game helps the brush up on their math skills and it kept them busy. I would highly recommend this game for the holidays. You can find more info about these games at the link below.

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