Friday, May 11, 2018

Whatnot Toys Review

Recently I was introduced to a company called Whatnot toys. Honestly before now I never heard of them before. When I found out what they had to offer I knew my kids would fall in love. The two lines that they offered my kids to review are the Royale Filly line and Zomlings. 

When we first opened the box we took out the Filly Royale because my daughter was super excited. She was excited to look at the play set first. She was excited and told me how she like that there was different ponies that came n the set with different accessories. She had to play with it right away. When my daughter was playing with them they past the Emmy test. By passing the Emmy test you get an A in my book. Usually toys do not last long when it comes to her. She is more on the tomboy side and likes to play rough sometimes.

We also received from this line was about 20 blind bags. What is a blind bag you ask? Well it a bag where you can't see through and it a surprise to see what is it in. My daughter has been obsessed with this type of thing. Naturally when she saw all of these bling bags she spent hours looking through them and studying before she opened them. Each blind bag game with a Royale Filly, hair clip and a poster. My daughter thought they where very cute and she was very excited to see if she would receive any duplicates and which different ones she would get. The quality was of these fillies were decent and the accessories held up during the Emmy test. Overall she was very excited with this toy and it kept her occupied for hours. 

The next product that we received in our review package was Zomling. My son was very excited to look through the box and see what he got. My daughter on the other hand did not like the Zomling as much. He open the exclusive tin first and saw what was inside. He used the tin for his other Zomling from the blind bags. He had a fun time opening all the blind bags to see if he got the same Zomling or different one. He also like the Zomlings in the Town because the came with little houses that he played with. Over all the house and boxes were sturdy and they did not break. Also the Zomling characters held up pretty well and they did not break.  He also had a great time bringing them on the bus and showing his friends the different one that he collected. 

Overall both product were great quality and my kiddos enjoyed them very much. I would highly recommend them and you can find them at any store below.

You can find Whatnot Toys at Toys R Us, Fred Meyers, Amazon, and many more. You can search for the nearest retailer in your area on their website

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