Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bark Box Review

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BarkBox is an amazing idea for your fur babies at home. What is BarkBox you may ask? BarkBox is a subscription service for your fur baby every month. What  can you expect in your BarkBox? They ship all natural treats, chews, and their original toys. Each month is different where BarkBox features a new theme for your dogs. They have themes such as ski lodges, spaceships, back to school and even dinosaur. All of BarkBox dog treats are made in the USA and Canada so you do not have to worry. Every bite is wheat, corn and filler free. No artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no weird ingredients. BarkBox plans start at $20 per mont and super chewer BarkBox (for dogs who need a challenge) start at $39.

This month we received our first BarkBox for review. We received it rather quickly and for some reason Penny our cockapoo knew it was something great. Lucy our other cockapoo was not as interested. When the box arrived I put it aside for a few minutes and Penny was right there trying to knock it over and to see what was inside. When I opened their box up for them they where right next to me very anxious to see what was inside. When I opened it we found dinosaur tissue paper which I thought was a nice touch. Then right there I knew our them was Dinosaurs. When Penny saw what was inside her tail started wagging as fast as it could. She went straight to her new toys. She took the toy with the two big teeth and started playing with it for about a half hour. Then she took Lucy toy and hid them both for no one to mess with them. I would be comfortable to say that the two dog toys where a huge hit with our dogs. 

The next products that we received were the Dino-Bite treats, Jurassic Pork treats and the Pork Roll. I would say that my dog absolutely love dog treats and when they want a special treat they will sit in front of you and offer their paw. That is the signal of hey I want a treat now. I first game the the dino bite treat and they absolutely devoured them in seconds. These treats have real turkey, soft and chewy and wheat free so they loved them. The next treat is the Jurassic Pork treats. Which have Pork and Sweet Potato in them. These are bigger treats which we have to break up for them. They seemed to devour this treat as well. So it safe that they like this treat also. They did fight over the pork roll and they seemed to love it but I had to make it take a time out due to them not being able to share. 

Overall I was highly impressed with this subscription box an defiantly would recommend it. I would safely say that both of my cockapoos were excited and enjoyed the box. The only problem now is they think every box that comes into our house is for them. You can find this subscription box at the link below

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