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Buzz Bee Toys (Holiday Gift Guide 2015)

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Buzz Bee Toys

Every child's dream is to wake up on Christmas and receive some kind of toy gun. I know that my son loves the play toys whether they are water guns, air guns or dart guns. Our family personally gets in trouble with the nerf type of guns. Usually in our house it turns into nerf wars or we set up targets to shoot and we typically end up breaking something which is never fun.

Recently I came across a company called Buzz Bee toys and they have everything imaginable and so much more than that. Buzz Bee Toys provides the ultimate play experience with each toy they make. They have a wide variety of toys from dart and water blaster to water toys, flying toys, junior sport and pogo.

We received several different toys to play with for the holidays. Let me tell you it was so much fun and we got into a lot of trouble. I will start off and let you know that these would make fantastic gifts. I also like this type of toy because I am a single mom and sometimes it hard to find a toy or something to do with my son. This toy brings us together and we enjoy shooting things and sometimes each other with this toy. 

The first toy that we tried was Airmax Tyrant. In the picture it is the blue and orange gun. What I like about this particular one that it is clip fed which it helps contain the darts. What amazes me that this little toy gun can shoot the darts up to 80 feet away. I can let you know we enjoyed testing this theory and they went super far. It was easy to hold. There was no problem for my son to load this one. It went smoothly. Which sometimes in the past they were not. This set includes 20 air max suction darts and a 12 dart clip. This particular toy is recommend for ages 6 and up. Adults can play with it to. I promise I have and I loved it. 

The next toy that we played with is the Predator. This one was a favorite for my son. He is getting into this type of gun with the scope. This a safer option for him. He was pretty impressed with this one and said it was probably his favorite. It hard for a seven year old boy to choose his favorite. This one does not have as much power as the last one did but it does go pretty far. It shoots about 30 feet away. Which is still quite the distance. What I like about the predator is that the scope can come off if you choose. If you do not want to use it you can take it off and if you choose you can put it back on if you you would like. It very easy to do that and very easy. The predator also has a secret storage area to hold ammo which is pretty cool. This one comes with 4 soft foam darts and a scope. The Predator is recommend for ages 6 and up. 

The next toy is GunSmoke. This one is also another one of our favorites. I personally never saw one like this one before and it pretty awesome. When you use GunSmoke it actually delivers a puff of smoke with every blast. How realistic is that and how cool? This one easy to load. All you need to is load a dart into the shell and putt the trigger how easy is that. After doing that you will see a puff of smoke when the dar is launched. This one shoots up to 30 feet also. Which is pretty decent. Then after you pull the trigger open up the blaster and eject the shell. About the gun smoke it last about 500 blast of smoke. Don't worry the smoke and the fluid is in a self contained cartridge so there is no mess at all. Parents do not worry no mess at all. This one has 4 soft dart. You will have to plan ahead and have batteries for this particular gun.

The last gun toy we were able to try was their Air Warrior Ultra Tek Wizard 2 pack. This particular one my daughter and son both loved it. They where the same one and they loved attacking each other with this one. This one does shoot 72 feet away. It easy to load. In this pack of course you get to blaster with 8 darts that have suction cups. How much fun?

Overall these are so much fun to play with and would make a great holiday gift. I will let you know that they are made to shoot a distance. If you shoot people in close range they are going to hurt and sting a little. It doesn't as much if it further away. I loved them and we had a lot of fun playing with them. Make sure you check them out at your local Walmart!!

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