Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sebamed (birthday bash)

As a new mother I know that I would want to know my options out there about baby care products. I know when my children were babies they had dry skin and suffered from eczema and I was always on the search for products that would help with my children skin. 

Recently I came across a brand that offer baby products that will help your babies/children skin. Sebamed Baby is a uniquely formulated and clinically proven collection that is designed to rebalance and maintain your baby's or child skin. This line has a ph level of 5.5. This will help provide your child with nourished and soft skin. 

This line provides shampoo, lotion, body cream, bubble bath, body wash, cleansing bar and cleansing wipes. We were lucky to be able to try their Baby wash Extra Soft, Children's Shampoo, Baby Cream Extra Soft. 

The first product that I was able to try in there collection was their Baby Wash Extra Soft. This product comes in a 6.8 fl oz bottle. I really like the bottle and it has a flip nozzle on the top. Which it makes it really easy and less mess. This product is 100 percent soap and alkali-free. When I tried this soap on my daughter it has a very pleasant scent to it. This is a mild cleanser that is no tear, non irrupting formula. Which is great due to my daughter suffer eczema. When I washed her up with this product it lathered great and rinsed off well. It seemed to wash her up well and leaving a great lasting scent. I would highly recommend this baby wash for babies who suffer from eczema or dry skin. This will help their skin feel nice and soft and it will help moisturize their skin.

The next product that we tried from their line was their Baby Cream Extra Soft. This comes in their 7.0 fl oz bottle. This also had a nice scent to the cream. This product is dermatologist recommended. This product is also alkali-free for mild yet intensive hydration. If you have a child like my daughter who suffered for eczema this product will rapidly calm and sooth your child skin.
This product has natural chamomile and panthenol which is vitamin B5 in it. When I tried this product on my daughter the cream had a great sent it was a baby scent to it. It was a thicker cream that was very easy to rub in and it absorbed quickly in the skin. While rubbing in it had a little greasy feeling from it, but after rubbing in I did not feel the greasy feeling anymore. It left my daughter skin feeling nice and smooth. This would be a great product for your baby.

The last product that we were able to try was their Children Shampoo. This comes in a 8.5 fl oz bottle. This comes in a uniquely shaped bottle which I really like. This product is 100 percent soap and alkali free. This shampoo is ultra mild shampoo that is no tear and non drying formula. When we were trying this shampoo on my son he said he really liked the scent to this shampoo. It altered up nicely. A little bit ended up getting in my son eye and it seemed like it did not bother him at all. After using this product it made my son hair look great and soft after using. Also you do not have to use a lot of this product.

My overall thought about this product are great. To be honest before I tried these products I have never heard of this line before. If I had tried these product when I had baby's I would of used these product for them. I like how Sebamed offers products that will help babies who suffer from dry skin and eczema. As a parent that makes me feel like I have a product that I can turn to for my children. You can find the featured product or their other product from this company with the link below.

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