Saturday, June 27, 2015

Merlot Skincare

As you know for my I am always trying to find the best skin product out there. I came across a great skincare lined called Merlot Skin Care. A little bit of background on Merlot Skin Care. His friends and peers called him Mr. Grapes or Mr Merlot after his Skin care line. When he was watching 60 minutes about how drinking red wine could help prevent heart disease. He found that over 70 percent of research studies indicated that drinking 1-2 glass of red wine each day could be beneficial. This could also help prevent certain cancers and lowering cholesterol in your body. He proceeded to study red grapes and their seeds to see what the huge benefit really was. Studies have found that red grape seed antioxidants are 50 time more powerful than vitamin E and 25 times more powerful than vitamin C. In 2001 he launched his skincare line called Merlot Skin care. The main ingredients is the grape seed formula. 

Merlot gave me the chance to review several of their products. I received Merlot Purifying Peel-Off Mask, Merlot Clay Mask, Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer, and Merlot Night Cream.

Grape Seed MoisturizerThe Grape Seed Moisturizer. When I opened this product the first thing that I noticed was the smell. I really enjoyed the smell and had a great nice scent to it which was not overpowering. The Grape Seed Moisturizer contains red grape seed, this is nature's most powerful antioxidant. This product helps the aging process. When I took a little bit of the moisturizer out and tried it  noticed that it was very lightweight and smooth. When I rubbed the lotion in my skin it absorbs in my skin very well and did not leave a greasy or sticky feeling. It left my skin a very nice and soft feeling. This product also has SPF15 in it so this is a plus if your are going out in the sun. Overall I would that I am satisfied with their Gape Seed Moisturizer. 

Moonlight Radiance Night CreamMoonlight Radiance Night Cream from Merlot. When I opened this product it had the same scent to it. When I applied the cream on  notice that it was a little more rich an creamy. It absorb in my skin great without leaving and greasy or sticky feeling. This product helps by reducing and reversing deep lines and wrinkles. While using this product it helps promote thicker skin and better quality skin tone while using this product. While applying this product at night it helps by working over night. While working over night it locks in the moisture. Moonlight Radiance Night Cream helps promote collages formation and skin elasticity. This product also helps boost your ph balance for your skin. I was a huge fan of this product I love the feeling and would use it for a night mositurizer. 

Purifying Peel Off MaskMerlot Purifying peel off mask. This product helps you rediscover your skin's appeal. This product is very gentle and quick drying mask to help remove impurities while maintaining skin's hydration. This product contains Grape seed, lemon, orange peel, grapefruit and ginseng extracts. These ingredients help soften, firm and protect your skin from stress. While trying this product it was very sticky and easy to rub in your skin. After a few minutes it was easy to peel of the mask. After peeling of the mask my skin felt great, re-hydrated and my skin looked great. This product helps get rid of skin impurities. It helps soothes stressed looking skin and makes it look hydrated after using. I loved this product. It was very easy to use and you could see a huge difference after applying this product. My skin looked and felt great after using this peel off mask. 

Clay Facial MaskClay Facial Mask by Merlot. This mask had a decent smell to it and not overpowering. this cream reminding me of a white clay while applying it. It reminded me of a thick clay while applying it to my skin. This product helped clean and clarify my skin. This clay is a natural kaolin clay that works to draw out excess dirt an oil from your skin. After applying this mask and it has dried wash it off with warm water. You want to make sure that the mas has officially dried before washing the mask off. This product helps clean deep down in your skin. After using this mask my skin looked great. It felt hydrated, healthy, and vibrant looking. I really enjoyed this clay mask and it was very easy to use this product. 

Overall I was very fond of Merlot products. I was not sure about this product at first. Although after trying each product I became a huge fan. Another plus about these products are that they are very affordable. They are affordable and they work wonders. What are you waiting for? Go check Merlot Skin collection out HERE<




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