Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Melville Candy Company Review

I have found a great candy company that has a great unique collection of Lollipops. The company is called Melville Candy Company and they are a family owned and operated for over 35 years. Melville Candy Company creates gourmet shaped lollipops. Melville Company has been using the same formula for over 75 years which is very interesting. 

I received several different lollipops from their different collections. When I opened the package from Melville Candy Company I was very impressed with creativeness of the different lollipops that were inside. 

I received Champagne & Strawberry lollipops, Tiramisu & Cacao NIB, and Vanilla Bean & Coconut. These Lollipops that I received came in a nice package with 4 lollipops on a wooden ball sticks. 

The first pack was the Champagne & Strawberry. These were very creative and very beautiful. I almost did not want to eat them because they are very creative. The lollipops are clear with dried strawberry inside. I have never seen anything like this before. I really loved the taste of these lollipops. 

The next pack that I received the Tiramisu & Cacao NIB. These where also very pretty. I was not a huge fan of this particular flavor, but they were not bad either. If you are the chocolate coffee type then these would be right up your alley. 

The last pack that I received was their Vanilla Bean & Coconut. I am a vanilla fan and these were amazing. They where the right blend of Coconut and Vanilla.

With these specific Lollipops would make great wedding favors or wedding shower favors. I would specifically choose Champagne & Strawberry lollipops.

Are you looking for a creative gift or a birthday favors for your child's birthday party? Merville scent me several different lollipops that looked like popsicles and two different sizes of ice cream cones. They are so much fund and I love the different colors of these products. My two children absolutely loved them and love the colors. I also love that the ice cream cones have a cherry on top. I would defiantly recommend these for children's birthday parties. 

You can find there other creative lollipops on their website below.

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