Monday, June 9, 2014

John Paul Pet Grooming Pack Review

When you have a beagle you know the meaning of a stinky dog. Beagles love outside and love rolling in anything they can. Our dog loves to roll in the grass, bushes, dirt and so on. That means we have to give Snoopy tons of baths!! 

I have been on a search to find great pet products for Snoopy. Products that were decent for him and make him smell great after having fun outside and rolling into something. Recently I came across a great pet care line called John Paul Pet. John Paul Pet has a great line of products for dogs. I was lucky and was able to review their John Paul Pet Grooming pack. 

The last shampoo that I used for Snoopy was a pain and the scent did not last very long. When I opened up the products that I received I found shampoo, spray and brush in this grooming pack. 

The shampoo was very easy to use. It can be used for dogs and cats. It comes in a 8.5 fl oz bottle. It also states that this product has been tested on humans first. I pumped so foam out and rubbed it in snoopy fur and it spread pretty well. After spreading the foam and rubbing it in Snoopy's fur I used the brush they provided and brushed him until he was dry. Although it was a little hard brushing Snoopy because he wanted his tummy rubbed instead. After using the shampoo he smelled great and his fur looked amazing!! It was shiny and looked nice and clean. I was not sure at first if this product would work because I never used a waterless shampoo before. I can tell you know that I will never be going back! It was simple to use and it took half the time as a bath would take. 

The brush that came with the grooming set was amazing. It honestly looks like a human hair brush in my opinion. Although in the past I had brushes for animals that tug and hurt them. This brush glided through Snoopy's fur and he seemed to enjoy the brush. It did not seem to bother him at all. He decided to lay there and get all the attention. It a great durable brush that seems like it is going to last a long time. It is also long enough that it is easy to use and controllable while using. 

The grooming kit also came with a oatmeal conditioner. This conditioner also can be used for dogs or cats. It was also tested on humans first. It also comes in a 8 fl oz spray bottle. This conditioner is an Oatmeal Conditioning Spray that is left in. Before using this product you want to make sure that you shake it before using. When using this conditioner you want to spray all over your pets fur and brush it in and leave it in. You can spray this on damp fur or dry fur. It is up to you. This product made Snoopy fur look shiny and soft.

Overall I would highly recommend John Paul Pet Grooming Kit. This grooming kit  is great and I love the fact is you do not have to give them a long bath. I can just bring him by me and rub in the shampoo and brush him and than the conditioner and it that simple. It takes a lot less time and less fight. You can check this product and their other product out at their website down below.

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