Friday, June 27, 2014

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Giveaway

I will admit, I have used a lot of disposable diapers on my son. I was very misinformed when I was pregnant. When I thought of a cloth diaper, I thought of the little pins, and having to learn how to fold the diaper just right.

I then stumbled upon Glow Bug Cloth Diapers. These diapers are amazing. Let me tell you a bit more about them. Each diaper has enough snaps to fit four different sizes, which is a size bigger then your average cloth diaper. It also has three sets of rise snaps, to make for a better fit for your child. 

Another thing I like about glow bug diapers, is they come in adorable designs. My son spends a lot of time in just a diaper. He doesn't like to really wear clothing. So, I hate when he is just running around in a disposable diaper. When he plays outside in one, the diaper ends up getting ruined from the dirt and everything, so you have to change it, even if it isn't necessary. Which to me is just money down the drain.  

I also love the fact that when my son is wearing this diaper, I don't have to worry about putting something else on him for when he wants to play in the pool and the water. So the cost of those expensive swim diapers, out the door. 

I like that they fit under his clothes well. And with the 360 degree gusset, I don't have to worry about him leaking through his clothes. My little guy is one heavy wetter. Wetting through the average diaper, sometimes within an hour. He usually will wake up soaked in the morning or after a nap, but with this diaper, I have not seen him wet through yet. 

I would highly recommend glow bug diapers to anyone having a baby, or even anyone who still has a baby in diapers. 

I would like to also add, if you have any questions about making the change. The website is very resourceful in helping you make the right decision. Without trying to sell you anything else. 

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