Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wonder Forge Sky Race Action Game Review

Wonder Forge Review

Wonder Forge

Are you looking for great summer game to play with your kids?  Wonder Forge is always coming out with new game for children. Wonder Forge recently came out with three new matching games. They are Frozen, Planes and Marvel. These game are great for travel and I love bringing them to restaurants, so my children can play while they are waiting for their food.

I have always been a huge fan of Wonder Forge games because they promote great educational skills matching, sensory, creativity and imaginative play. My son and daughter are huge fans of Frozen, spiderman and planes, so when they discovered they where give the chance to review these new games they where very excited. 

Planes Sky Race Planes Sky Race The first game that we received was Planes: Sky Race. This game retails for 19.99. My son was super excited to play this game. When we first opened the box I had to stop grabbing hands. My son and daughter went straight to the foam planes. My son said they where super light. I already new that this game would be a huge hit between my two kids. This game can have four players. In this game you have 8 cities that you can place where ever you want in your home or where ever you are playing. After you place your cities you draw a card to see what issue your plane is having. This is a very active game which is great for little ones. It a very active game. You may have to throw your plane on your stomach or other positions. You have to throw your plane to the destination your trying to get at. You will earn points while doing this. Who ever has the most points at the end of the game wins. My son had a great time playing this. Although my daughter just like throwing the plane. We had a great family time playing this together. 

This would be a fun summer game to play with your kids. You can find this game at and many more family games!!

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