Sunday, May 4, 2014

White Mountain Shoe Review

Mother's Day is coming up and I know I love going out on Mother's Day. What would be a great way going out for the day with a new pair of shoes or sandals from White Mountain Shoes. I know I am starting to become one of those moms who have a huge collection of shoes in her closet. White Mountain Shoes has a variety of boots, sandals, wedges, and flats on their website.

I was able to choose one pair of shoes on their site for review. When I was browsing to see what pair to choose for review it was very easy to navigate on their website. I only had one problem and that was finding a pair of shoes. There where to many pairs that I really liked. They had a great variety of different shoes and a variety of different colors. 

The pair of shoes I chose was their Fiord Black Light Canvas Spring Boot. This boot comes in a variety of different sizes. When I saw this boot on their website I immediately fell in love with the style and the color of this boot. I was very excited to receive them and try them on. I did have a concern before receiving them and that was that they would not fit around my legs. I had tried on other boot style boots before and they did not fit right. I was a little nervous. 

When I received my boots I tore the package open and opened the box and tried them on. I did notice before trying them on they where carefully packaged which is great. The boots had lace in the front and also had two zippers on each side of the boot. The boot also had a strap and buckle on the back of the boot. This was more of a decorative part on the boot. What I liked about this boot it had a elastic gore on the working zipper side so it fit more comfortably. This boot shaft height is 7.5 inch and heel height is 1 inch.

I liked the feature of having two zippers on each side of the boot. Personally to me it seemed easier to put on the boot and zip up. When I zipping up the boots I got quite nervous not sure if they would fit. They actually zipped up with out a problem and felt quite comfortable. Personally  I would break them in a little bit before I wear them a long period of time. I am definitely going to be wearing these when I got out on Mother's Day. I can not wait to show off my new boots from White Mountain. I will let you know one thing I have fallen more in love with these boots. I love the stye, the color and how the feel! I would recommend White Mountain Shoes. Check them out and find a great Mother's Day Pair of Shoes. click the link below to check out their shoes

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