Friday, May 2, 2014

Safety 1st for Mother's Day

Are you a new mom or expectant mom? This year why don't you celebrate Mother's Day with Safety 1st? Safety 1st always has mom's best interest at heart. They are always providing the top notch product for mom and baby. Making mom's lives so much easier. I know as a mom myself I do not know what I would do without Safety 1st products when I had my son. They always provided a variety of different products that are top quality, durable and useful.

I wish I had the Custom Care Modular Bath Center by Safety 1st when my son was a baby. This Custom Care Modular Bathing System is the only infant to toddler bathing solution on the market. This system adapts to your growing baby and you will not have to invest in other tubs. I remember as a mom I invested in three different tubs for my son when he was an infant/toddler. This system as three different change positions to give the proper support for your baby/toddler. This modular 3 position solution matches your child's physical and developmental needs. For new born position: Physical closeness and eye contact which creates bonding time between baby and parent. It also brings your baby closer, so less stress on your back and knees during bath time. The most important factor is it provides more secure experience for yourself and your baby. Second position reclined infant support: It helps keep your active baby from slipping and sliding. It helps position baby at a slight recline which makes it easier to wash your baby and while washing it give your baby support. Third position is Toddler Tub: this tub give freedom and mobility while bathing. This would be the perfect system for moms. I would personally invest in one instead of investing in the other that I have in the past.

Another great gift idea for mom for Mother's day would be Safety 1st Genesis Digital Color Video Monitor. As a mom this is on of my favorite products to have in the house! Even when my daughter is playing in her playroom I have a monitor going to make sure she ok and keeping and eye on her. Genesis Digital Color Video Monitor provides a clear picture of what is happening in your baby's nursery or your toddler's playroom. You can also purchase three additional cameras to show your other children's room also. You will also receive a controller that will control your camera that will allow you to tilt and zoom to see what is going on. 

Parent Unit features: 2.4 color LCD Screen, sound lights, talk back 2 way communication, 2x/4x digital zoom, auto black and white infrared night vision, room temperature display, auto time out screen to conserve the battery, Rechargeable battery for easy portability, 4 way split screen to view additional rooms, ability to add up to 3 additional cameras, low battery and link indicators, belt clip with integrated stand, 350 foot range and 2.4GHz digital technology.

Baby Unit features: 180 degree remote pan, tilt and zoom, integrated nightlight, rechargeable battery for easy portability, tabletop or wall mount. 

Great product to keep your eye on your little one who are always busy.

 last product is the most important to me as it should be to any mom out their. Is their children car seat. Finding the right carseat is the most challenging for mom I think because they are always changing regulation and rules. 
Safety 1st offers an Advance SE 65 Air + I was pretty impressed when I was looking at this carseat. It is a convertible car seat that ensures the safety of your child. The weight range for this car seat is 5-65 pounds. Rear facing is 5-40 pounds and forward facing is 22-65 pounds. The air protect + combines the advanced protection on the Air Protect cushion system that is patented GCell Hx  foam designed with hexagonal shapes for superior protection around the torso. That is one of the major factors when buying a car seat is to have support and protection around the torso area. This carseat provides full body side impact protection. I know I would be one lucky momma if I got this carseat for mothers day for my daughter. I have seen many carseats, but let me tell you I have never see on like this. I would highly look into this carseat for your infant or toddler.

Why don't you make Mother's Day special and get mom a great product from Safety 1st and a gift certificate to her favorite spa or restaurant. Safety 1st is celebrating mom and offering a special offer for Mother's Day. They are offering 10% OFF order of $100 or more + free shipping. So hurry over to Safety 1st.

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