Friday, May 16, 2014

Orglamix Review

Are you looking for a great eye shadow for girls night out? Orglamix offers over 150 shades. You will be able to find any color your are looking for. Orglamix offers pure mineral eyeshadow pigments that deliver gorgeous smudge proof, crease free and water resistant color. There products are cruelty free. 

The unique thing about Orglamix mineral pigments is that you can use this product for eye shadow, lip gloss, and nail polish. I enjoy being creative at times with this product. I mostly enjoy using it as a shadow. Their are several ways to use this product. When applying this product you can apply it dry or wet. Using a the dry mineral you will get a lighter look. When using this product wet you will be getting a more intense dark color. 

I received three colors from Orglamix to try and they where Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Sweet Pea. Each comes in a 1.5 g jar. I like the little jars that the mineral eyeshadows come in. The top is clear where you can look and see what color the shadow is. I also like that the top does not come loose easily. That is one of my concerns when it comes to mineral make up that the cap will stay on tightly so the product will not spill. 

When I received my package in the mail and when I opened it I received a nice little surprise. I also noticed how well the package smelled. It had several scented flower petals inside the package to make the package smell wonderful. The three jars of mineral shadow where in a nice pink drawstring bag.

The first color that I received was Sandalwood. Sandalwood is a very pretty brown color. I would wear this color out on any occasion. This is a nice sandy brown that is a warm and subtle color. I enjoyed how easy this color was to apply and how little you need to apply to get the right look. 

The next color that I received was Ylang Ylang. This color is a nice light pink color. I am usually not a huge fan of light pink colors, but this color is pretty and I am very fond of this color. This is a great color I like applying when I go to church. This color would also be great for work it is a very sophisticated shade.

The last color that we received was Sweat Pea. This color was my favorite out of all three colors. This color is a beautiful pink beige color that had a hint of sparkle. I would wear this color any place that I went. When I applied this color it went on evenly had just the right amount of sparkle. I received several compliments on this color.

I would highly recommend Orglamix and their shadows. They have every color imaginable. They are a great quality mineral shadow. The product applies great and it leave a great long lasting color. I also like that there is two ways to apply the shadows wet or dry. I would highly recommend checking our their shadows and other product with the link below.

Orglamix Website

**I received one or more products for review purposes only. My opinions are 100 percent my own and may differ from yours. ***

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