Saturday, May 17, 2014

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer Review

I have found a great new product for all the moms out there. I know as a mother it seems like I am always on the run and never getting enough sleep. In the morning I notice that I have dark circles underneath my eyes. I know a lot of you mother's out there can relate. 

I found the perfect product that will help with those dark circle underneath your eyes. I was able to try Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics. It Cosmetics partnered with leading plastic surgeons in Brazil, It Cosmetics brought Bye Bye Under Eye, a full coverage, highly pigmented concealer utilizing truly innovative technology and ingredients giving women the power to finally saying bye bye to those stubborn under eye issues.

Bye Bye Under Eye comes in a .28 fl oz tube. This product comes in light, neutral medium, tan and deep. The color that I received was light. This product is a full coverage waterproof concealer. This concealer and moisturizing formula has vitamins C & K, hydro-collagn and antioxidants.

When trying this product I was very excited because I wanted to help my skin look better and help hide or get rid of the dark circles underneath my eyes. I applied a small amount underneath my eyes and massaged it in my skin. I was quite impressed that it blended well into my skin and looked great. I was quite impressed on how well this formula worked and covered the dark circles underneath my eyes. I was highly impressed the difference and how great my eyes looked. When applying this product you want to apply it before you apply powder. When you want to remove the product use your regular make up remover when removing. 

My overall opinion is this is a must have product for every mom out there. I know that I will be using this product when I am going when going out. I enjoy having a product that helps my skin not look as tired. If you want to check out this amazing product or other IT Cosmetic product check them out at their website with the link below. 

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