Friday, May 30, 2014

Blast Zone Review and Giveaway

Blast Zone Inflatables asked me to review the Great White Wild Inflatable Slide and I thought it was the perfect review to team up with Confessions of a Messy Mama on. I ordered the Great White Wild Inflatable Slide directly off of The first thing I noticed was that the slide shipped out the same day! How awesome is that? Messy Mama and all the kids were all anxiously awaiting its arrival. Delivery was about a week and that was for the free shipping.


After the Slide arrived though Mother Nature thought it would be funny to send us some really cold and rainy weather. UGH! I could have screamed. So, just this week the weather finally broke. We all sat down and watched the DVD that was included. I liked how I didn’t have to read through a huge booklet. Some people have made comments to me that they don’t trust inflatables. I understand all the scare with all the accidents you hear about. To be honest though, there are a lot of warnings from Blast Zone, all of which are explained in the DVD. These warnings are in place for a reason. If the warnings are followed and taken seriously then there shouldn’t be any accidents. Please understand that inflatables are toys and meant for fun, but if they aren’t used properly they can be dangerous. None of the warnings are unreasonable. Follow the instructions, guidelines and warnings and you’ll have a BLAST!


Once we were finished reading and watching all necessary information, then we raced – and I do mean raced – into the backyard to kick start the fun! We set the slide up in no time. Honestly, I did not time it but opening the box to full inflation could not have been more than 10 minutes. Then the kids had to wait just a little longer so we could put some sun screen on them. After that, we let them have at it.



“The Great White Wild slide can be used wet or dry, year round. This monster party slide inflates in just seconds, and when the frenzy is over, it rolls up into the included carry case for easy storage. Fun safe play for 2 kids at a time on the slide (many more can play with it at the party!). This Inflatable Slide is great for parties or everyday use. Kids climb up the back of the shark's head, and slide or race down the 5' drop (enclosed by safety netting), where they can splash and play in the White Water Rapid Pool. The slide is over 20' long!.

The Great White Inflatable Slide can be used all summer, and winter too. During the summer and warm season, the Great White Slide is a water splash park, keeping kids cool and entertained all day. In the winter, grab some sheets, or blankets and slide on down! Fill the Bottom with optional balls (sold separately) and the partying continues year round.

This slide is durable and safe. Unlike many inflatables, the Great White does not use unsafe climbing heights or severe angles. The back and top are enclosed with safety netting, and the back employs an inflatable platform, making it easier for kids to climb up safely. The slide surface is all commercial grade PVC material, for ultimate strength and durability. The slide inflates in under 2 minutes, so the party can start quickly! Just unroll this inflatable beast, hook up the blower, plug it in and stake it down! Comes with Blast Zone's Industry-Leading Warranty.”

photo (1)

You can imagine how much fun we had, but I’m going to describe it anyway. We had hours of fun, literally! Luckily in Messy Mama’s backyard there is lots of shade, so we weren’t in any rush to make the kids go inside. They were all five having a blast and we were actually able to sit back and enjoy the sounds of laughter while we had grown up talk. Messy Mama’s youngest is only two years old so, needless to say, we never took our eyes off of her. We made all the kids sit down and watch the video also, so they all knew that they weren’t allowed to play near the blower and some other safety precautions. Getting the kids to watch the video was no’t hard either, the kids were just getting more excited they more they saw.

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After all the fun we drained the pool and turned off the water and blower. The most daunting task of setting up and breaking down the Water slide is making sure that it is completely dry before storing it. It wasn’t difficult but you must be sure to do this step or else you risk mold and mildew, which will cause damage.

Confessions of a Messy Mama expressed that her favorite part was the way this particular slide is built. In the back there is netting along with a nice size landing. So, if her two year old lost her footing while climbing up then she wouldn’t get hurt. Her two year old never lost her footing though. I HIGHLY recommend Blast Zone Inflatables. The products come with everything you could need from stakes to patches and glue. The products are exceptional quality. Most importantly, they are extremely detailed in telling you how to keep your kids safe. They kids had a blast and so did we while we watched all the fun. Messy Mama and I were sad that we were over the weight limits for the fun though.

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