Sunday, May 4, 2014

Frozen Bean Review (mother's day review)

Spring is here and summer is coming up quickly. What is better way to celebrate Mother's Day with a Frozen Bean gift basket. If you love coffee drinks whether they are hot or cold you are going to like Frozen Bean products. I know during the winter time I love my hot drinks and during the summer I love my ice drinks.
gI_58935_574777_216275751842756_1203847643_n.jpgI was recently introduced to a company called Frozen Bean. Frozen Bean offers a variety of different coffee and hot chocolate mixes. Frozen in their names stands for the frozen drinks and Bean stand for coffee. Frozen Bean is a leadingmanufacture of specialty desserts and beverages for the food service industry. When you visit their website you will find a wide variety of frozen drinks, warm drinks, coffee drinks, hot chocolate drinks and even fruit drinks. 

I was given the opportunity to review several of their mixes. The mixes that I received are White Chocolate, Bubblegum, Mocha latte, Sea Salt Toffee Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Belgian Hot Chocolate, Roasted Hazelnut Hot Chocolat, Vanilla, Vanilla Latte, and Java Chip.

When I chose my first drink to try I chose the Mint Chocolate Chip Blend. It comes in a packet and easy to tear tab, so you do not have to fight with the packet to get it open. I really the packaging and how you can flip it over and get the mixing directions. On each packet it will show you what you can do with the mix. For example for the Mint Chocolate Chip Blend you can make a 16 fl oz ice blended drink, hot drink or iced drink. It tells you exactly what you need to make it. The directions are simple and easy. Not all of the drinks can be made into those drinks. It will let you know the options. I made a Ice Blended Drink with this mix and it was fantastic. I mixed this mix with milk and blended it my blender. Let met tell you it was a perfect treat. It was smooth and a great taste of my favorite mint chocolate chip. 

My son tried their Belgian Hot Chocolate. My son is the biggest hot chocolate drinker. I gave him the choice of a ice blended drink or hot. Of course he chose to have it hot. He said it tasted really good and the best hot chocolate ever.

My overall thoughts about Frozen Bean are amazing. I hate going to my local coffee shop and spending an arm in a leg on a coffee or blended drink. Now that I have tried Frozen Bean I can make my own drink in the convince of my own home. Let me tell you they taste even better. They have a wide variety of flavors and they are simple to use. You can check out the different flavors on their site with the link below.

**I received one or more samples to complete a review. I was not monetary compensated for this review. My thoughts are 100 percent honest and may differ from yours.**

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