Monday, April 14, 2014

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

Summer is coming up just around the corner. My two little ones love homemade juice pops. The downfall to that is it can take hours for the juice pops to be ready. I always have to hear are they done yet are they done yet? I have been looking for a better option for this summer.

I have found a solution for my problems for my summer with Zoku Quick Pop Maker. This is a great gadget that will allow you to make popsicles in matter of minute than hours. How this gadget works is you put the canister in the freezer in advance. There is a slot in the the middle of the canister where you will make your ice pop. After you freeze your canister and put your liquid inside of the mold you will have your ice pop within minutes. 

Zoku does offer a couple of different ice pop makers where you can make one ice pop at a time or two or even three at a time. I received a single Zoku ice pop maker. This comes in handy for my kids. This product is very easy to use. I put the canister in the freezer the night before, so it would be ready for use the next day. When using the single ice pop maker you can make three ice pops before you have to refreeze the canister. I also like how this quick ice pop maker is made where it does not take much space up on my counter and I can put it away shortly after. 

You can get very creative when it comes making your own ice pops. When you are freezing your liquids you can freeze juices, yogurts or any kind of liquid that you would like.

Overall opinions of this product it very handy. I will be using this product during the summer. When you use this product the first pop ice will freeze quicker then the other two. If you are looking for a great product for those hot summer days that will take minutes to make. I would highly recommend investing in Zoku Quick Pop Ice maker.

You can find this product and their other products with the link below

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